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Route 206

"That's..." Lucy didn't seem to know what to say. Though, after a short pause, she spoke back up, "We'll be going through there on our way to Children's City. We can stop and see!" Amethyst felt a flurry of varying emotions clashing together inside her. Happiness, of the possibility that she could still have a home somewhere, where she could find her old things. Discontent, of the slight but still possible chance that her parents would be there. Lord knows she has nothing left to say to them. Curiosity, of the off chance that the house is intact. In a world like this, having a home looked to be something of royalty.

She simply responded, "Okay..." Clearly her lack of a confident tone would show her uncertainty with the whole thing. Though, after a short moment Lucy had come to a complete stop, leaving Amethyst somewhat confused. "What're you..." Her voice slowed to halt as Lucy began to speak.

"Amethyst, hold on tight... Someone's in trouble."

"Hold on tight? WhyyyAAAAAHHHHHHH!!" She literally screamed in surprise, as Lucy had taken a full sprint forward, causing Amethyst to tighten her grip to prevent her falling. At this point she just sort of zoned out, with too many confusing things happening at once, she couldn't even attempt to figure out what was going on. Somehow Lucy produced a radial blast that wiped out the adults but missed Amy and the boy she was using as a doormat. She then let the boy get up, and Amethyst gave him sort of a curious tilt of head.

Of course, she had just happened to start paying attention when the boy had to speak his bit, "So, do my two knights in shining armor have names?" This caused a sudden redness along Amy's cheeks. Knights in Shining Armor? I didn't even do anything...

Rather awkwardly, her voice seeming to have gone out momentarily, she replied, "A-Amethyst... Or Amy for short."

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