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The typical Trainer structure is nothing on the first travelled area, two or three in the second area, then ramp it up in the third. I wouldn't expect more than five Trainers on a Route this early in the game, though Unova Routes 3 and 4 both have a lot of optional Trainer battles you can seek out (the playground in 3, and an out of the way area in 4), whereas those in Unova Route 5 are mainly forced but all avoidable along the bottom (fence) area.

As long as the battles are not all forced and some can be sought by, say, talking to Fishermen or something, with the option to go through Grass to avoid others if you're weak at the time, I don't see a problem with including them. If there are 61 forced Trainer battles before the fourth Gym...that is excessive, but having 61 Trainer battles itself is not a problem at all if some (many?) are optional. Some forced battles would be a great idea, as it can't be all easy. (I think it's too many, as that's a LOT of optional battles, but hey.)

Note I just saw this game today when the thread was reopened. Would you like me to give it a shot and offer an analysis?


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