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rated m for mysterious

*Credits to Spriter's Resource for GSC tiles

Hello! This thread will come to be known for recording the progress of the characters, but since the RP hasn't started yet, this post will be a little empty until we do. There are still spots left if you want to take them, so please, get your SU in ASAP! Don't want someone snagging your spot before you finish.

Accepted Players:

1. Adrain Randal played by iLike2EatPiez
2. Astor Maddox played by Skymin
3. William "Will" Hayes played by Saturated Hue
4. Riku Kimura played by Charizard_Man
5. Kyle Avery played by The Final Watchman
And. Villidan "Vil" Vertigo played by Lt. Col. Fantastic

Please. Use this thread to ask questions, organize yourselves, and discuss this roleplay. And above all, have fun.

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