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Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
Huh. I guess the hot air could help, but as AlexOzzyCake said, "I don't think that a butterfly for example would have the force in its wings to be able to fly at that kind of speed/power. Even in battle I don't think it could fly fast enough for that since the way a butterfly flies isn't really flying, more floating" and I think this would apply to Volcarona using hot air. It would lift it like a hot air balloon, which everyone knows can't really move in any direction with much speed or power.
That's true about the hot air balloon. I hadn't taken speed and force into account, thus my lack of scientific basis. I guess the designers just tripped up, unless there's something very powerful about those wings.

Wait...wait... What if it used fire as...JET PROPULSION? I can just see it now.


And that, children, is how Volcarona uses fly. I am such a looser.