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Might I add you have a interesting way with passwords, hehe.

Name/Nicknames: (Hey, I just met you.)
Gender/Sex: (Male, Female, and anything in-between.)
Age: (15-25 bracket.)
Appearance: (Long hair? Snout nose? Bloody fingers? No toenails?)
History: (What got you into the SOUL program in the first place? And did you become the owner of a large shrimp company while you were at it?)
Personality:(Obviously everyone wants to be the dashing aristocrat with a mustache, but you've gotta be identifiable.)
Aspiration: (What does your character want to do? League? Contests? Photographer? Athlete?)
Starter: (It will begin at level five, and at first stage of its evolution line. Pokémon that don’t evolve are not permitted, and of course, neither are legendaries [especially in this RP, where legendaries are considered to be just myths. Maxie resurrecting Groudon was similar to a man proving Zeus actually exists and controlling him somehow.] The moveset it possesses at the start will be dictated by me. It can be of any type.)
Password 1: Quilt Watermelon Elephant Raspberry Telephone Yawn Umbrella Iguana Octopus Penguin
Password 2: oAk four
RP Sample: (Give me an example of how you RP.)

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