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Quote originally posted by Silkitte:
hei, i'm newbie here... what the latest patch for these game? thx btw :D
In the first post.

Quote originally posted by theblade180:
I absolutely love the detail in this game. Whether it be from Seymour the Scientist, or what's-his-name's Unofficial Gym.
HOWEVER. One major problem. Ash catches a Caterpie. I did the same. Evolved into Butterfree, and you killed its moveset. At lv 10, it learns confusion. Wel not in this game, rendering it useless with just Tackle for many, many levels. I don't know why the hell you did this, but it ****ed up the game for me. I really want you to change this.

Also, I got the Psych Up tm, and its description is that of Bullet Seed's. You should fix that too.
Metapod already mentioned that Buttefree's moveset was edited to reflect anime more.
Satoshi's Butterfree did not learn Confusion so it doesn't learn it in this hack.

Quote originally posted by fori:
Can some crazy hacker go ahead and finish this hack, rather than wait for this metapod kid to come back? He probably got hit by a car or something.
Could you stop posting such an offending posts?
You totally don't know hacker's codex (not like it exists but well...). We do NOT steal works of the others.
And yes, finishing someone else's hack IS stealing the work because the ideas are not from creator.

Quote originally posted by fori:
That reminds me, I didn't like the female character sprite.
Because it doesn't exist?
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