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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Kevin View Post
Something I though of, that could be totally wrong and probabally sounds REALLY stupid, but maybe possibly, they could release RS remakes as the first games on the 3DS, and maybe put placeholder spots for the 6th generation Pokemon in the data ready to be downloaded when the 6th generation games come out, and when they do, they can do some type of DLC type thing so you can "Update" the games and be able to have 6th gen Pokemon, attacks and abilities? Sounds stupid and unrealistic, I know but hey, it might be possible. I don't know how the whole system works.
Not sure how much different 3DS is, but that is likely impossible. The games and their data is still on a read only memory, with the only actually alterable part being the save file, which surely isnt big enough to hold data for hundreds of added pokemon, and can go derp at times and delete stuff.

If they did go that route,
which could actually be an intelligent move since they could focus on figuring out the 3DS with that and use it professionally for the actual new games later,
but they would simply make it a one way trade like we have seen in the past.

I still seriously disagree that plain remakes would be a good move, especially at this weird moment between handhelds.