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Okay, so I got into playing and collecting again recently, you can blame my lil' sister for that. XD She's the only one I play against, and because we usually have single-typed decks, we play without weakness and resistance.

Anyway, here are the cards:

1 Victini (Noble Victories)
2 Audino (Emerging Powers)
1 Druddigon (Noble Victories)
1 Heatmor (Noble Victories)

2 Ponyta (Arceus)
1 Ponyta (Arceus)
1 Ponyta (Diamond & Pearl)
1 Rapidash (Arceus)
1 Rapidash (Arceus)

2 Larvesta (Noble Victories)
1 Larvesta (Noble Victories)
1 Volcorona (Noble Victories)

1 Slugma (Ex Deoxys)
2 Slugma (Undaunted)
1 Magcargo (Undaunted)

Total Pokemon: 19

3 Professor Oak's new theory
1 Professor Oak's research
4 Pokemon Communication
1 Pokemon Collector
2 Interviewers questions
1 Full Flame
2 Lucky Egg
1 Eviolite
1 Energy Removal (the old one)
1 Celio's Network
1 Professor Elm's training method
1 Potion
1 MooMoo Milk
1 Town Volunteers (Good luck charm, don't ask XD)
Total Trainers: 21

12 Fire energy
02 Double Colorless Energy
02 Rescue Energy
01 Upper Energy
01 Cyclone Energy
01 Warp Energy
01 Multi Energy

Total Energies: 20


Volcarona & Victini are my main attackers, so I always try to get them as fast as I can. Ponyta can use ascension to evolve into Rapidash instantly, which can come in incredibly handy because it doesn't have any retreat cost.
Audino can also be powerful, given enough energies, plus some extras healing support doesn't hurt. Heatmor is there for extra burn support, and Druddigon is fairly bulky. Pokemon collector is amazing, too bad I only have one of it.

I was thinking about switching the Slugmas and Magcargos for the fire-typed Delta Ekans and Arbok, but I only have two of the Ekans.

EDIT: Oh please note, I don't have many other decent trainers. Maybe I can put in a rare candy, but eh...

Please comment/rate. Thanks for reading!
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