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Name: Fridel Craft

Preferred Starter Pokémon: Mankey

Appearance: When you first see this girl, you might already understand that there is something peculiar about her. Standing at 5'4", she's a bit short, and her being skinny like a stick with hardly no womanly chest to show does little to help that. Her skin is a soft, brown tone, like some kind of milky chocolate, but her complexion isn't as smooth as she had wished for; here and there on her body and face, there are little brown birthmarks. It almost looks like she's got freckles. Luckily, she doesn't care too much about having great complexion. She has more luck with her hair. It's thick and flowing, so black that it almost gives off a purple tint when hit by strong light. It's long, reaching down all over her back with wild, thick curls. She never keeps it up. It's meant to be wild and it never gets in her way. And even if it was to get in her way, she would never admit it.

Her body might not scream "peculiar!" right off the bat, but her face could put you on that track. Her eyes are large but narrow and slightly tilted, with irises of a rich color that could almost be described as gold or dark yellow. She likes to stare. People usually don't like to be stared at by her. Not because she's downright ugly, but partly because it is rude to stare, and partly because the stare is often accompanied by a terrible grin. Her teeth are OK, almost blindingly white when they contrast against her skin. Her lips are thin but have a strange naturally dark color that is quite appealing. But her grin... It is wide, shows almost every tooth and with her intense eyes, it makes her look nefarious. Add the self-confident stance she usually positions her body in, and there you go. Peculiar.

For clothing, this girl likes to wear dark things. Well, she likes brightly colored stuff too, but only on special occasions. Most of the time, dark clothes serve her better. Her main attire for this adventure will be a simple black top under a black canvas jacket, and dark purple harem pants. On her feet, she usually likes to have very light shoes - like sandals - but she understands that on a journey to a treasure island, something sturdier is necessary. Thus, she wears a pair of black boots. Resting around her hips - not really holding her trousers up because they do that themselves - is a brown leather belt with lots of pouches for utilities and stuff. She also carries a dark green backpack in a material that hopefully will withstand rain. The backpack is adorned with numerous purple tinsels. Because it's SO SHINY.

Speaking of shiny, this girl does have a thing for jewelry and SHINY THINGS, even if she doesn't care about fashion or make-up overly much. She has two piercings in each ear, all of them with golden earrings or pendants in different shapes - none of them dangling or making any noise though. She does not have a necklace, but she wears a strange golden watch on her left hand. It doesn't show time. Instead, it is two compasses in the same circle. One shows the regular cardinal directions, while the other shows something else...

Roleplay Sample: tbw TO BE WRITTEN

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