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Right, since you all want back story...

Chapter 0.5

Chaos sat down at Mt. Silver, snow biting her legs, hair flying everywhere. She called out her first pokemn, Venusaur, remembering the day Oak gave it to her...

The younger Chaos strutted through Oak's door, her purple hair flying around. Every inch of her was untidy, from her messy hair, her old pokeball top, jeans with holes... While Oak was busy, she quickly changed into a pink dress. Quickly, Oak spun round, pokeball in hand. In those days, he was the strongest trainer. Is looks were not fitting of his title. He wore a scruffy mop haircut, a stained lab coat and a pokeball belt. His partner pokemon, Alakazam, stood beside him, operating bewildering computer programs. "A pokemon eh..." he said aloud, studying Haos intently. "Here take it!" he decided eventually, "Now out of my lab!" he shouted, snapping Chaos out of her trance. She wandered through the door, Oak wasn't in a good mood.

She clicked open her pokeball, wondering what was inside. A brilliant white light shone across the street, revealing a Bulbasaur. The bulb on it's back was wilting and it's eyes were drooped. It lazily climbed back into it's pokebal. Chaos realized that she had no pokedex or pokeballs, so she went back inside. Oak threw them at her, slamming the door in her face. She wandered back home, along Route 1...

Chaos snapped out of her slumber, all that was years ago! Shehad fallen asleep on Mt. Silver! Her badge case was lying open on the floor, the badge that had been Oak's sliding out. She had beaten Oak, becoming the badge disrobuter and champion. Her eyes slowly shut again...

She wa standing in Oak's lab, battling him, the champion of all. It was a one on one battle. Chaos sent out her Genesect, replied with an astounded Oak sending forth his Alakazam. Genesect shot forth, the first to move, slashing Alakazam with metal claw, but becoming confused by a confuse ray. Alakazam circled Genesect, hitting it with psybeams. Genesect replied with a mass of bug buzz, some hitting Alakazam and some hitting itself. Both pokemon were lying on the floor, still awake. Genesect used it's final chance, using a powerful metal claw, making Alakazam collapse on the floor. Oak collapse on his hands and knees, sobbing. "You have defeated me, take the championship and be on your way!" he shouted, running off to his room.

Chaos woke up again, so many memories... She had to face 8 gym leaders of each region, then their elite four, then their champion, then the next region, until she had beaten all five regions! Then, there was a shot at the champion, but not any more, one had to beat N and Leaf before facing cHaos. Oak had given up battling, only battling for the safety of the world. His job being professor and looking after the orbs. Chaos jolted upright, that was right, she had to be at Oaks in ten minutes! He was friendlier now, that was for sure. She sent out her Pidgeot, and flew away.

There you go, a little xtra while I rewrite, set before chapter 1.
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