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A reward systems would be pretty neat as long as the club gets the activity to put it to use. Many clubs have had point systems and done well since it's much more simple and doesn't really require activity, though clubs adding reward systems, though a good idea, just never really gain activity enough to ever reward anything. So yeah, I like your ideas for rewards, but I think you should wait a bit with implementing it, since more members are needed, and activity needs to retain, otherwise I'm afraid you'll just spend time on implementing something that will never come to use :/

Why do you think Bug types are the weakest?

Well as opposed to what's already been mentioned, Bug types are pretty weak compared to others. Apart from a few like Heracross and Volcarona, they don't really get that strong compared to the majority of many other typings. I think that may be because bugs in real life are small and helpless for the most part, where some may be poisonous and dangerous, the majority aren't dangerous at all and is generally pretty weak, so they've chosen to make Bug Pokémon in that picture. The majority weak, a few strong. Also they're annoying and they're everywhere, so pretty accurate xD
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