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Originally Posted by playplayj View Post
Enjoying the beta so far, found some problems though.

1. In the first team rocket secret base in the pokemon center there is a guy looking in the map in the back, you can only talk to him from the side.

2. I found "Ancient Cave" and I can't seem to enter, not sure if this is on purpose or not.

3. In battles the background is purple and flashes once in the beginning.

4. Bug Catcher Doug in Viridian Forest is messed up, there is a big space between Doug and is when he is going to do something like send out a new pokemon.

Also if I may make one critique it would be to maybe give us different starters? I know this is Kanto but Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur I find are getting a tad bit redundant. I would love it if we can find them later on though (through stealing for example) as they are cool pokemon. Just a suggestion, also I'll post more errors I find as I see them.
1. Fixed. Will be live at BETA 2.
2. Cave map is not ready yet. So I closed the entrance.
3. Because of Day & Night. I'll fix.
4. Many of trainers are like them. I'll fix.
A progressing project - Hunters of the Ancient:

Now BETA 0.3 available.