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This RP looks soo cool :3 here's my sign up

Name/Nicknames: Viola "Vi" Masters

Gender/Sex: female

Age: 17 (Turns 18 in four days)

Appearance: Viola is short for her age and has extremely pale skin, so pale that people have often compared it to snow. Her eyes are a bright sky blue in color and they really stand out against her skin. Her hair goes down to the middle of her back and is a raven black in color. She normally has her hair down with it curled slightly at the bottom and her bangs are a lime green in color as well as the highlights in her hair. Viola always wears lime green and dark green eye shadow, black eye liner, as well as black lipstick to complete her look. She also as a stud nose piercing in the left side of her nose, her right eye-brow is pierced, and both of her ears have three piercings each.

As for her other clothing, Viola is never seen not wearing two things, her lime green beret with a skull on it in the right side of her hair, the other thing is a black choker with a lime green skull on her neck. Viola normally dresses in a black and lime green stripped top that ends right above her belly button so her bellybutton piercing can be seen. On her arms she wears a pair of finger-less lime green fishnet gloves and on her left arm she has a tattoo of black roses going up the arm. For the bottom half of her clothing Viola wears a knee length black skirt with lime green lace on the bottom. On her legs she has a pair of lime green fishnet stockings and wears a pair of black combat boots.

History: Viola had what she considers a rough childhood. Her father was a prominent business man in Goldenrod City, because of this her family had a lot of money and both her parents gave her everything she could have ever wanted. As a very small child Viola was a sweet kind little girl who's favorite color was pink and she wouldn't dream of doing anything bad. But that all changed when she turned 14. As she became a teenager Viola started to rebel against her parents. She was tired of being spoiled, tired of being treated like glass. So when her parents were on a business trip she got a friend to dye Lime green into her hair and do her piercings and tattoo, then she reorganized her look, getting rid of everything pink and girly. The only thing she didn't get rid of was her love for drawing. But she didn't stop there.

Viola started to shoplift after that gaining quite the record, she also started to smoke. This went on for years, with her parents trying everything they could to stop no avail. Finally after she turned 17 her parents had no choice but to put her in the SOUL program even though her mother didn't want to. Viola and her friends went to shoplift from a store but things turned sour, and her two friends ended up killing someone. Faced with either prison or the SOUL program, her parents sent her to the one she wanted the least.

Personality: Viola is a very headstrong girl but she's not afraid to stand up for who she is and what she believes in. She won't back down from a fight, be it in words or a physical fight. She has only two friends, both of whom chose Prison over the soul program leaving her alone, so if asked about them she will get very bitter about it. If by chance you get her to like you Viola will be extremely protective of you, as well as a bit nicer. She still smokes and can't bring herself to stop that and she loves to draw. Other important things about Viola are that she hates being asked if she plays the Viola due to that being her name (It has happened), her favorite colors are black and lime green, if your too girly she will hate you, and personally she prefers to date girls over guys making her a bigger disappointment in her fathers eyes... she doesn't care what her father thinks. To her she will always be a disappointment, so has plans in place to just cut herself off from her mother and father, it would either be that or getting disowned.

Aspiration: She wants to be an artist.

Starter: Sneasel

Password 1: qwireuqoruqwoutqputruputeqpeur

Password 2: cHerry four

RP Sample:Here's a recent post from the RP Danger on the S.S. Anne
Giselle O'Brien

Giselle smiled as she left her room the next morning. The night before she had turned in early deciding she'd have more to do once they reached Fuchsia City she would have more to do. Then she had woken early going up to the deck while everyone else but a few other people that practiced Martial Arts and did her morning workout, following every step her father had drilled into her brain. Now though she was leaving the ship along with a crowd of other people. With a smile Giselle made her way to the Safari Zone her father had told her about. After receiving her three Safari-Balls Giselle made her way through the Zone looking around for something to catch her eye.

After several minutes Giselle spotted a long blue Pokemon that was snake-like in appearance. She didn't say a word just pulled out her Pokedex. "Dragonair the Dragon Pokémon. It is Dragon Type. Dragonair stores an enormous amount of energy inside its body. It is said to alter weather conditions in its vicinity by discharging energy from the crystals on its neck and tail. Dragonair are weak to Ice and Dragon types"

"Alright, Flara you start this" Giselle called out her Tepig who bounced up and down happy to be called out to battle. This action gained the attention of Dragonair who watched the Tepig carefully with what seemed like a smirk on it's face. "Lets let Dragonair go first" Giselle said with a small bow to the wild Pokemon.

Dragonair seemed surprised for a moment before focusing on Flara. It moved forward quickly and grabbed onto Flara with it's tail before slamming the smaller Pokemon against the ground before slithering back some as Flara stood again shaking her head.

"It's okay Flara! use Heat Crash!" Giselle smiled happily. Flara took a breath smoke coming out of her nose before she jumped as high into the air as she could. She seemed to pause for a moment before curling into a ball then straightening out. As she did this a dark red orb of fire formed around her before Flara crashed down on top of Dragonair. Giselle bit her lip as Flara stood up right away and bounced back to being in front of her as the smoke cleared. "h-how" she muttered seeing Dragonair barely injured at the attack and looking smug.

Right after this the orb on Dragonair's neck started to glow and a swirling cyclone was sent right at Flara bringing up dirt as it went. "Flara dodge the attack and use Flame Charge!" Giselle yelled out hoping that Flara would be quick enough to dodge the Dragon Rage attack. It seemed luck wasn't on her side, the attack hit Flara making the small fire pig skid back and wobble slightly before both Pokemon and Trainer glared at Dragonair. Flara charged at Dragonair her body becoming surrounded by flames as she slammed right into Dragonair doing a bit of damage but not as much as it normally would. As Flara stopped running Dragonair's tail glowed blue and it was slammed into Flara making her fly back and land on the ground eyes closed. "Dragon Tail...nice move, but we're not done yet" Giselle said calling back Flara. "You did a great job Flara" she said putting the Pokeball away before she pulled out Rosie's Pokeball.

"Alright Rosie! It's your turn!" Giselle grinned calling out her Servine next. "use Leaf Tornado" Rosie smirked and jumped into the air landing on the top of her head on the ground. To most it would seem as if Rosie had messed up and hurt herself...but that wasn't the case. Suddenly Rosie started to spin in a circle light green, green, and dark green lights glowing around her as leaves formed. Suddenly the tornado moved over to Dragonair and slammed into the wild Pokemon drawing a small cry. Rosie went back to her feet and Dragonair countered right away with Twister. The orbs on Dragonair's tail started to glow and the tail waved toward Rosie a twister forming and slamming into Giselle's Pokemon. "it's okay Rosie! Use Mega Drain followed by Grass Pledge!!" Giselle yelled out after the grass type cried out.

Rosie firmly put her feet on the ground and extended her small arms toward Dragonair, A green beam formed from them and hit Dragonair making it cry out softly as Rosie regained her strength. Right after Rosie raised both of her hands and a large column of grass and leaves slammed into Dragonair. Dragonair glared and sent a blue beam of electricity from it's horn that wrapped around Rosie like a rope paralyzing her.

"Come back Rosie" Giselle said returning her Pokemon. "This is it Dragonair" Giselle called out Jet, her final hope. "Lets start with Water Pledge Jet" Giselle said and the Dewott nodded confidently before raising both of his hands and a large column of Water slammed into Dragonair knocking it over for a second but the Pokemon got back up and used Dragon Rage again. The gem on it's neck glowed and a cyclone formed slamming into Jet. "It's okay Jet use Aqua Jet followed by Razor Shell".

Jet's body became surrounded by a blue glow that faded leaving water surrounding the Dewott. Jet rushed forward and grabbed the shells off his legs as he did. Jet slammed against Dragonair and went to raise his arms when Dragonair's tail wrapped around him and squeezed keeping his arms down.

"Jet!" Giselle called out hearing her first ever Pokemon whimper because of the Wrap attack. Giselle bit her lip after a minute thinking about just calling Jet back and ending it when she spotted it.

Jet was trying to free one of his arms so he could hit Dragonair with a shell. "C'mon Jet" she whispered holding her breath as she watched the struggle. It wasn't looking good. Giselle closed her eyes finally about to call Jet back when she heard it. A cry from Dragonair. Her eyes shot open and she saw Dragonair on the ground Jet over it. "Great job Jet!" Giselle grinned and threw a Safari Ball at Dragonair. It took in the Pokemon and fell onto the ground starting to shake.

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