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I don't really like the art style of RSE, so I decided to put together a pack of NPC overworld sprites from Fire Red/Leaf Green.

I put it together rather quickly, so there may be a few errors, plese let me know if you find any.

A few sprites are missing moving animations, but they are mainly gym leaders, npcs that are behind counters, etc, so they are not meant to move anyway.
I decided not to include the Pokemon sprites because the rips from HGSS and BW are better and have the proper animations.

I have also put together a pack of 40 something edited variant sprites. Most of these are just small edits, like new hair or clothes colours, but I have also mixed a few heads and bodies.
You can use these sprites to add a bit of variety to your game.

Also, I noticed an error with one of the sprites in the original pack. I have updated the pack with the fixed sprite.
If you downloaded the pack please replace the incorrect sprite with this one.

Compiled and edited into RMXP format by Cast using sprites ripped by Silentninja found on (And a small number ripped by myself).
Please give credit if used.

NPC Overworld Sprite Pack

NPC Overworld Variants
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