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!! Argo Spotted!....though i still do wish they did 2 eps of the meeting side-story so they could get some Argo in in more than one episode orz
Episode 3-wise:
I actually only skimmed through Red-Nosed Reindeer, so I partially didn't get the middle area of the story, though just with the beginning and end, it was pretty good. I definitely enjoyed it. While I'm a bit confused on why the guild system here doesn't let everyone see each member's respective levels, I can totally see it being Kayaba again >>

As far as the fight goes, Kirito probably outlevels that thing by like 20 levels cuz he's a grindaholic XD You even see him doing while part of Black Cats of teh Full Moon so in the episode XD

Series will be 25 eps, likely split into the first 4 books
the first two will probably last the first half (Game System: Sword Art Online), and 3 and 4 are expected second half (Game System: Alfheid Online)

A lot of the first couple episodes are gonna end up with a lack of Asuna just for the reason that they're doing it in chronological order, so Kirito's relationship with Asuna doesn't really start up for a while.
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