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Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
1) i think "Horizon" might be a better name than "Skyline", they both have the same implications but the former sounds nicer
The story(the real story) will connect to the sky.
At least, that's the plan.
Hence why it's SkyLine.

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
2) possible to introduce a challenge mode/or a World Tournament style like in B2W2?
I do plan on adding that.
But I might get lazy and ditch the idea.
Who knows...

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
3) poison types are good against water types...does it imply that poison types resist water moves?
Nope. =/

Quote originally posted by Hacker Bisharp:
Awesome, i'll try now!
edit: I found a little bug
Yes, text going over the message boxes are already on the list of bugs on the first post.
I am aware of them.
But I'm lazy to fix them at the moment.

Quote originally posted by krisye:
4. Please don't overprice pokéballs and put the element game in here as well
I don't plan to increase the items' prices in the game.

Quote originally posted by krisye:
6. I like the way you can walk up to slightly higher areas, instead of stairs, it looks realistic!
Ever since the Red/Blue/Yellow versions first appeared, I absolutely didn't understand the 'stairs'...

Quote originally posted by krisye:
I miss a donate button, you're the most dedicated hacker here and it takes time, so is the one on correct?
Erm... yes?
But, think wisely. You might need the money sooner or later. =/

Quote originally posted by krisye:
Btw: Can you be a gym leader? :p (as in the in game character, or perhaps the champion of the league, so you just wait for challengers to defeat )
My character's role will be revealed in the game.

Quote originally posted by krisye:
Btw2: Ruby 1.0 or 1.1? Since you didn't know there was a 1.1 with LoG, maybe you based in onto it now?
I think I'm still using Ruby version 1.0
At least, that's what A-Map tells me.

Quote originally posted by krisye:
A less complicated plot would be appreciated
...I think stopping an erupting volcano isn't really complicated...
...really, that's the story I came up with when I was starting the hack.

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
-if u decide not to have eevee, u can return it to the guy at the beach in exchange for...any random gen I-III starter? is that correct?

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
-hmm first 3 routes already have lvl 13-15 pidgeotto and zangoose, very dangerous especially for those on nuzlockes. yes they may be very rare but its still always a possibility to meet it when still at a low lvl. almost died to a sword-dancing zangoose if not for mudslap evasion hax. (and caught one thanks to it lol) consider slightly lowering their lvls?
I'd like to call them as mini-bosses.
Even LoG has them.
Adds a little challenge.
(Reminded me of FFXII where a giant t-rex was outside the city x,x)

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
-first gym has a chansey and its quite funny seeing potion being used even when 3/4 hp is still remaining (due to its high hp). any way to tweak its ai better?
Well, you can choose which gym you battle first.
Also, yeah, the Chansey was a pain, but my bros and I managed to beat her, so the Chansey stayed.

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
-the gym music when first played is very high-pitched, tone it down a little?
Some of the music may be changed in the future.

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
-lol doduo is mispelled as "dodou" or intentional?

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
-lvl 10 skarmory, heracross etc. u mentioned it. might have something to do with ur script to reenable trainer battle after every badge obtained i guess
It's a 'feature' really, it's a bug, and I have no idea how to fix that.
I tried to ask for help, and did the procedure of fixing it, but I broke the ROM instead.
I have a theory as to why that is happening, but I need further proof to strengthen it before I'll squish that bug.

It has nothing to do with the script though.

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