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Final Update (#3) on FireRed Omega.

  • Well, first I went over to Cerulean City to grab the Luck Egg I missed earlier.
  • Then I quickly headed back over to the Sevii Islands to complete the postgame arc there.
    Got the Ruby easily enough, then the Scientist foiled my attempt to grab the Sapphire.
  • Beat up the pre-Rockets of Johto fame and got it this time.
  • Headed over to Island 7 to train for the upgraded Elite Four.
  • Got my duo to L98, then challenged the Pokemon League again.
  • The Elite Four wasn't too difficult, though they had some weird team members, lol. Lance probably was the hardest to defeat.
  • Finally it was time to face Blue for the title of Champion...again. He was one tough cookie, especially with Jynx.

Elite Four Round 2:

Champion Blue (Rematch):

Hall of Fame:

A note on move changes: Giga Drain has 10 base PP.

Team Jay:

Rain the Modest Masquerain, ♀ - L100 @ NeverMeltIce
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Water Pulse, Aerial Ace, Ice Beam, Giga Drain
Final Stats: 268/135/177/248/201/171
Elite 4 2 co-MVP, Elite 4 2 co-MVP

Spike the Bashful Sandslash, ♀ - L100 @ Leftovers
Ability: Sand Veil
Moves: Earthquake, Body Slam, Rock Slide, Swords Dance
Final Stats: 289/265/274/129/143/196
Kanto MVP, Elite 4 1 co-MVP, Blue 1 MVP, Elite 4 2 co-MVP, Blue 2 MVP

HM Slaves:

Ch'Ding/Farfetch'd - Cut, Fly [boxed]

Mudkip - Strength, Surf, Rock Smash, Waterfall [boxed]
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