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Final Update (#4) on Platinum.
  • Surfed up to Victory Road, then breezed through the mountain.
  • Arrived at the Pokemon League and beat Barry.
  • Maxed out everyone EVs and did a bunch of moveset editing.
  • Time for the Elite Four!
  • Aaron was defeated by Tank, Sammy, and Mars.
  • Bertha was soloed by Manny with Avalanche, Earthquake, and Ice Shard.
  • Jetsie soloed Flint as well with Waterfall.
  • Lucian was taken down by Tank (Crunch), Sammy (Fly), and Kazza (Shadow Ball, Focus Blast).
  • Finally, Cynthia was up. After losing once to Garchomp's Sand Veil, I managed to defeat her. The video and play-by-play are below.


Elite Four:

Champion Cynthia:

Hall of Fame:

Team Brown:

Tank the Careful Hippowdon, ♂ - L57 @ Soft Sand
Ability: Sand Stream
Moves: Earthquake, Crunch, Ice Fang, Stealth Rock
Final Stats: 243/153/157/73/117/62

Mars the Bashful Infernape, ♂ - L58 @ Fist Plate
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Flare Blitz, Close Combat, ThunderPunch, Swords Dance
Final Stats: 176/171/110/133/97/154
Sinnoh MVP, Cynthia co-MVP

Sammy the Impish Staraptor, ♂ - L57 @ Sky Plate
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Return, Close Combat, Fly, Brave Bird
Final Stats: 184/187/104/58/78/140

Manny the Brave Mamoswine, ♂ - L58 @ NeverMeltIce
Moves: Earthquake, Avalanche, Ice Shard, Stone Edge
Final Stats: 244/222/112/86/90/91
Elite Four co-MVP, Cynthia co-MVP

Jetsie the Jolly Floatzel, ♀ - L58 @ Splash Plate
Ability: Swift Swim
Moves: Waterfall, Crunch, Ice Punch, Dig
Final Stats: 185/180/93/94/79/177
Elite Four co-MVP

Kazza the Quiet Alakazam, ♂ - L58 @ Choice Specs
Ability: Synchronize
Moves: Psychic, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind
Final Stats: 142/71/68/233/136/153

Active Challenges:

FireRed - HeartGold - Emerald - Platinum - Black 2

Completed Ultimate Challenges (through Gen V):
Ultimate Monotype:

Ultimate Monocolor:

Fireheart: L88, L88, L71, L76, L100; Palin: L98, L92, L86, L100, L100
Excalibur: L75, L88, L87, L84, L100; Nagini: L100, L96, L100, L100, L100
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