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Name: Tyson “The Red” Reeves




Country of Origin:

Side: Mercenaries

Religion: The Council of nine, particularity Thordain

Appearance: Despite his family hailing from Falke Tyson does not fit the typical image of his people. It is rumoured that the blood of the Highmen runs through his veins and looking at him you can see why. He stands six feet tall and has shoulders as broad as an ox. A life of working in the fields from a young age and a short term of service in the Falke army have toned his body as well as tanning his naturally pale skin.

The most striking feature about Tyson is his bright red hair, which earned him the nickname “Red” even from being a child. His hair is long but straggly falling to about an inch above his shoulders. A thick beard coves his face of the same rusty red colour as his hair. His eyes are a brown with flecks of dull green like a muddied battle field.

Usually Tyson wears a white shirt, well it was white at one time, many fights and days travelling have stained it such that it shall never be clean again. Over this he wears a chain vest a “souvenir” from his army days, the battered rings still hold despite having taken their share of a beating. The chain mail hangs below his waist and he wears a thick leather belt, with a large brass buckle, over it. From his belt hangs his hammer, always at hand for when he needs to strike down a foe from a distance. His trousers are plain, the brown of a common peasant, it is a small reminder of his past.

At one point he had a helm but he left it behind when he fled the army, preferring to let the wind blow through his untamed hair. He also wears a black hooded cloak with a yellow lining, yet another item he retained form his days in the Falke army. Around his neck he wears a pair of crossed axes made from copper on a simple chain it is a symbol of Thordain.

Tyson is the kind of guy who knows what he wants and goes out of his way to get it. He has no qualms with stealing to get what he is after but often finds it better on his reputation if he finds a legitimate way to do things. And reputation is all you've got in his line of business, the better your reputation the more people will come out of their way to find you. He sees no sense in saving money and spends most of what he gets from his work quite quickly but he keeps a small amount to tide him over till his next job. Or rather the next time he gets paid.

As a Mercenary there aren't many jobs that Tyson wouldn't take, only ones that he considers suicide missions. The thrill of the fight is something that Tyson craves, which is a part of the reason he left the Falke army. The challenge of beating multiple enemies or taking down a single powerful enemy is what Tyson looks for in battle. Easy fights or finishing off harmless targets doesn't interest him. In the Falke army he had a tendency to break rank to fight, his view of battle is not strategy and mass formations but a single man's fight for survival. Tyson began to pray to Thordain some time after joining the Falke army. He prays every night and morn by swearing his fidelity to Thordain asking for protection in battle and then offering tribute in the form of his slain opponents. As far as plans go he likes to keep things as simple as possible. Normally that means starting a fight even if negotiations would be more suitable.

His sense of pride is very strong, especially for a common man, and he can get angered very easily is something offends him. Tyson dislikes nobles, particularity those that treat their subjects poorly, as he doesn't believe in birth rights. In his mind all men should be born equal, an idea not fitting of the times, though his dislike goes beyond that as far as being prejudice. Despite this a lot of work comes from rich clients so he grudgingly works with them, though he will take no nonsense from them. When angered Tyson will get aggressive, but he normally has enough restraint to avoid drawing his weapon unless necessary. Being a farmers son, he hasn't been educated and even so he is a bit thick witted. He can't write and can only read enough to find the nearest tavern.

When he isn't travelling or working you will probably find Tyson in the nearest tavern, enjoying himself, by drinking, gambling or singing, which the other guest don't always enjoy. He isn't used to the high life and this is reflected in his choice of drink, a hardy stout. He is more than a little cocky at the best of times but this is made worse when he has been drinking, he will often get into bar fights while in a drunken stupor often for trivial reasons. He also believes that he is irresistible to the ladies and will frequently try to flirt even when working. No matter how many times he gets slapped round the face his self-confidence doesn't get hurt and he goes on thinking that he is a real charmer.

Tyson's home town is towards the northern border of Falke. A small hamlet some halfway between the city of Kirkland and the neighbouring country of Miracyia. It goes simply by the name Crow's Foot as it straddled a somewhat uneven set of cross roads. His father was a typical Falke farmer with his mother side carrying his abnormal blood.

As a young boy life was hard, the life of a peasant is one of constant toil. Yet his father made sure there was always food his wife and child. As long as Tyson can remember his father would go to the woods in the middle of the night, carrying a bow and hand crafted arrows. He would return before morning with his well earned spoils, a rabbit or pheasant or maybe even a swan all for the pot. Tyson was normally sent to bed before his father left at night but every now and again his mother would let him stay up, just to see what he brought home in the early hours of the morning. His mother would kiss his father good bye and wish for his safety before he left. When ever he asked where his father was going, his mother would answer “The woods” and put a finger to her lips because it was their secret. Sometimes Tyson would ask to go with his father, to which his father would laugh and say he could go when he was old enough.

From by age of six Tyson was already helping out with farm life and could manage to do a great many of the simplest tasks with out help. His father would encourage him saying that helping around the farm would help Tyson become big and strong enough to go with him at night. Alas that night never came. One night Tyson's father left and didn't return. Tyson and his mother waited all night until the dying embers of the fire faded to ash but still he did not return. The life of a poacher is a dangerous one and as they found out some days later, he had been spotted, shot with an arrow and killed by one of the lords men protecting his master property. The death of his father hit Tyson hard but he had to remain strong. There was more work than ever on the farm and his mother was starting to show the signs of her age. Aged only eight Tyson began to take over more and more of the work on the farm until by the time he was in his mid teens he was managing it alone.

His mother tried to persuade Tyson to peruse his own life, to further himself beyond being a simple farmer, to find a wife and start his own family. Tyson refused to leave as he knew that doing so would be sentencing his mother to death. He continued to run the farm until his mother passed away when he was fifteen. He laid his mother to rest beside his father and sold up the farm. The little money that he received he used to travel to Falcon Peak, where he would join the army.

Despite being aged only fifteen Tyson looked old enough to get away with lying about his age and join the army. He spent two years training, fighting and guarding before he decided to leave. He had finally had enough of being treated worse than the dirt people walk on. It is a surprise that he lasted two years as his personal view of war didn't fit with the armies view of war even from the off. Before fleeing the army he carefully considers his options. He decided that becoming a mercenary was a much more profitable choice than becoming a bandit.

Over the next few year Tyson travelled the lands, taking jobs when he needed. His hammer he stole from a blacksmiths in the Highlands when he was evading the men of a Lord he had just killed and was in desperate need of a weapon. It was during this time that he slew a knight and took his pole axe as a trophy, this is the same weapon that he wields even today.

Weapon Preference:
Tyson wields a poleaxe as his primary weapon. It consist of a six foot shaft tipped with a head made up of three parts. An axe head designed to rip through amour faces forwards. Facing the other way is a bill hook, a long spike that curves towards the wielder, for pulling enemies in. On the top of the tip is a six inch steel spike and at the butt end of the poleaxe there is a similar spike.

His secondary weapon is a heavy throwing hammer. It has large stone head sat atop a sturdy oak shaft and a leather strap on the end of the handle. Tyson will swing it by the leather strap to build up momentum before releasing it at his enemies. As it is a blunt weapon it is easier for Tyson to retrieve after throwing, especially when he can snag it with his bill hook.

RP Sample:


Upon arriving back home, Kitaru was greeted by his mother.

“Hi dear, your father not back with you?” She asked noting that he was alone.

“No he went to finish shopping.” Kitaru replied and went on tell his mother about the battle and finished with his father's message. Part way through his sister came into the hall, way where Kitaru was explaining his day, with a few of her friends.

“You did well, to beat another trainer after just one day with your Pokémon.” His mother said after he had finished his story.

“Yeah my brother is a Pokémon master! Your brother isn't!” Kitaru's little sister started bragging to her friends.

“Yuzuna, Kitaru isn't a Pokémon master yet... and Setsuko's brother is still in nappies so I hardly think it's fair...” Kitaru's mother tried to explain as she gently nudged past her to get into the kitchen, Yuzuna followed her and their discussion went on.

Kitaru headed up to his room and place the bags he had brought back with him on the floor. Then he released Azura on the floor next to him and Mischief on the bed so that he could take a look at him. Kneeling down next his futon he inspected the unconscious Pokémon he had a few scrapes and bruises but nothing major. Firstly Kitaru began to root around in one of his draws until he finds a tub of smelling salts. He opens the tub and immediately a waft of the stench enters one nostril. It's a smell he knows well having been knocked out in a fair few fights before now. Then taking the tub in one hand he holds it under Mischief's nose. He only had to wait a second before the Pokémon took a fact of it in and then...

“PANSAGE!” Mischief yelled as he came round and tried to sit up.

“Stay down, I brought you round with this but your still weak.” Kitaru said shaking the tub at which point Mischief scowled, he was not pleased at the manner he had been woken up.

“Pan sage pan.” Mischief said laying back down while pretending to be gravely ill.

“Yes I suppose I can find you some food.” Kitaru said as he left the room. He popped his head back round the door a moment. “You aren't half Snorlax are you?”

Kitaru returned to his room with a bowl of tinned fruit. It was all the fruit they had left in the house and as far as Kitaru knew Mischief only ate fruit. Was it normal for Grass Pokémon to be strictly vegan it seemed fitting somehow. He had drained the juices into a cup that he held in his other hand. It had been a guess of his that thing would get messy if he didn't. When Kitaru had entered the room he gave Mischief the bowl and the monkey like Pokémon immediately started to scoff the fruit. He place the cup down for Mischief to drink from after he had finished eating.

Once the Pokémon had finished eating and drinking Kitaru tended to his wounds and to those of Azura. He sprayed each one with a potion. Then when he had finished he set about packing his gear into a rucksack. This including packing the stuff his father had bought him took him most of the afternoon. Finally he had the chance for a few simple luxuries that he would miss on his journey. He watched TV and took a shower, before getting ready for his meal.

The meal in honour of Kitaru's victory earlier that day was held at just about the only restaurant in Januvale. Kitaru and his parents had already decide that he would leave the next day and so the meal was also a sort of send off for him. They ate and talked and celebrated late into the night. While Kitaru was enjoying his meal he put the worries of leaving and the pressure of knowing that it was his task to save the region to the back of his mind. Besides there was nothing he could do to help right now.

The next morning was a day of mixed feelings. Kitaru was happy and his family were happy for him but as he left home they all felt a little sad that he was going. Before e left his father had given him four empty Pokéballs they were quite old, his father told him that they were left over from his days as a trainer. Kitaru's mother gave him some money and reminded him to call home when he reached Feborough Town. He promised that he would and then set out along the road that would lead him out of town.

As he passed the sign saying he was on Route 11 he was walking through a small wood. High in the canopy of the trees he could see the silhouettes of flying bug Pokémon. It was still quite early in the morning and the grass either side of the path was coated in a fresh morning dew. Some where nearby he could hear the splashing of a small river and the cries of Pokémon. But other wise the forest was quiet, it was tranquil. He could hear Azura and his own foot steps and the rustling of the wind in near by bushes. And so without another though he set off on his journey and left behind the town that had been his home for so many years.


The particular section of Route 11 Kitaru was walking long was a well worn path that ran along side a narrow brook. The water flowed back down towards Januvale foaming as it wound its way around rocks. To Kitaru's left was wood land scattered with bright coloured flowers and over the stream to his right was a small open meadow. Azura was walking several steps in front of Kitaru, she seemed to be enjoying the fresh air and the scenery. Kitaru took a look out over the meadow, stopping in his tracks for a second. Then he approached the edge of the brook and in a single leap jumped over it. He landed on the other side and had to steady himself to avoid falling back into the water behind him.

“Eon.” Azura called questioningly from the other side of the stream. She had stopped in her tracks and was giving him a puzzled look.

“I'm taking a short cut.” Kitaru said, Azura thought for a second and then bounded across the brook much more gracefully that Kitaru had. Together they set off again this time across the meadow. Once again Azura was in the lead.

A fair way into the meadow Kitaru heard a buzzing sound. Looking around he noticed an area of grass was moving and crept towards it. Azura noticed his intention and started to prowl towards the spot, she looked rather like a cat that was sneaking up on its prey. As they approached a Combee flew out of the grass straight up in the air to about four foot of the ground. It noticed Kitaru and Azura who startled it and flew away.

“Combeeeeeee!” It buzzed as it fled Kitaru and Azura. “Combeeee!”

“Quick after it.” Kitaru yelled standing up and chasing the Combee. He chased it beyond the meadow and over a small stone fall, where he stopped to catch his breath. The meadow was some what waterlogged in places making it marshy and difficult to run across. Azura followed him easily and even waited for him before they continued their pursuit. Nearby were some houses but Kitaru paid little attention to them as he chased the Pokémon. The Combee landed on a box and went inside. Before Kitaru had gone much further he realised that the box was a bee hive. He might be desperate to get more Pokémon but Kitaru was in no way a thief. He turned to trudge off but was stopped by a voice behind him.

“After my Combee are you?” An old bee farmer was yelling. He was stood in the door step of one of the houses that Kitaru had passed earlier.

“No! I didn't...” Kitaru tried to explain.

“I'll teach you a lesson! Get him boys!” The bee farmer yelled, ignoring Kitaru's protests. The bee farmer stepped aside and three Electrike stepped forwards from inside the house.

“Ah!” Kitaru gave out a slight panicked scream and started to run.

“Elec.” The Electrike started to growl. “Trike! Trike!” They barked as they chased Kitaru. Kitaru headed towards the nearest wall to the field he was in, he hoped that if he could get over it the Electrike wouldn't be able to follow him. Sprinting he reached the wall in less than ten seconds, he was getting tired and his chest hurt as he gasped for breath but he didn't stop. Azura easily managed the same distance in just slightly more time than Kitaru. Kitaru vaulted the four foot wall without checking what was over the other side first and Azura followed. Luckily the ground on the other side was not much lower and they landed in a pile of leaves. They were in a small wood, with dead leaves all over the ground. Kitaru pushed himself to his feet as soon as he could and Azura just shook the leaves off. They set off running again, Kitaru checking to see if the Electrike had stopped following them. Two of them were still chasing them but the other one ad either given up or been unable to leap over the wall. With just two of them and no farmer, Kitaru and Azura could have a chance in a fight but it definitely wouldn't be a fair one.

“Azura! Split up! Get ready to attack!” Kitaru yelled, peeling off to his right. Azura changed direction in an instant and started to go left. As he ran Kitaru looked for anything he could use. In just a few steps he spotted a stick and came to a stop. It was a good thing that he had found one as he couldn't run much further. He grabbed it and jogged back towards the Electrike. He stopped when they were getting close, giving himself just enough time to prepare himself for their attack.

One of the Electrike didn't even make it to Kitaru. It dived at him but was knocked out of the air but a Quick Attack from Azura. The sneak attack took it by surprise and gave Azura the upper hand in her fight against it. As the other Electrike approached Kitaru, it did so with caution, it didn't want to be caught off guard like it's friend. The Pokémon Leered at Kitaru it was trying to scare him.

“Trike! Trike!” It barked. Then rushed in to knock Kitaru off his feet with a Tackle. As the Pokémon approached Kitaru swung the branch in his hand knocking the Pokémon aside. He didn't feel like he did when he normally got into fights. Normally he was just angry and yes he was angry at the moment but he also felt a little pity for the Electrike. He thought that he heard it whimper as he had hit it. The Electrike got up and shook its self off.

“Elec!” It growled at him. This time Kitaru made the first move. He held the stick low to the ground and swung it at the Pokémon. The Electrike avoided the attack and tried to counter Kitaru. It dashed past the stick before Kitaru had chance to react and zapped him with a jolt of electricity.

“Ahhh!” Kitaru yelped as he felt the electricity run through his body, was that a Thunder Wave.


Meanwhile Azura and the other Electrike had been fighting. After Azura had tackled the Electrike with Quick Attack it rolled its self over to escape her. It turned to face her and Leered. Azura retaliated by with a Sand Attack. She jumped to one side and kicked dirt and leaves in the Electrike's face. It tried to Tackle her but she easily dodged the blind Pokémon's wild attack. She attacked with another Quick attack, before the Electrike was ready. The Electrike used Thunder Wave that Azura dodged with Detect but then attacked again with Tackle. It slammed into the side of her driving her back, it had anticipated her dodge of the first attack and so planned to hit her straight afterwards. As she threw the Electrike off she heard Kitaru yelp in pain and doubled her effort in fighting. He would have to hold on until she had finished here.

“Glaceon!” Azura charged the Electrike with a Quick Attack, she didn't care if she was hurt any more.

“Trike!” The Electrike barked as it Tackled her to the floor. Azura rolled out from under it and with a twist turned back round to attack it again.

“Glace-E-On!” She roared loudly and knocked the Electrike back with another Quick Attack. The Pokémon tumbled through the air and hit a tree. The Electrike got up and ran off, whimpering all the way.


Kitaru was on the floor he tried to move his legs but he couldn't. He still had the stick in his hand. What had happened. Then it came flooding back to him at the same moment the Electrike dived on his chest trying to bite at his face. His arms were still working and he forced the stick under the Electrike's chin to stop it biting him. Drawing from his experience in fights he went to roll over. He hoped to pin the Electrike down. But he couldn't manage it the Electrike had him pinned. Digging his right elbow into the Pokémon's side he tried again and this time managed to throw the Pokémon off and roll onto his belly. He pushed himself into a kneeling position one might push from his arms and leant on his stick for support. The Electrike attacked again trying to knock him down again with a Tackle. Still leaning on his stick he bashed the Pokémon away with his left arm, it hurt and he would get a bruise there but it worked. The Electrike tried to scare him with another Leer and then walked round behind him. He struggled to turn around with his paralysed legs and couldn't see where the Electrike had gone. He got ready to attack should it try to rush him but it didn't. Several seconds went by and then Azura approached him she had a few cuts and a large bruise on her side. She nuzzled her head under his arm and sat their. The Pokémon and trainer sat their waiting until Kitaru was able to walk again and then they continued on towards their destination. Neither made a sound as they were both too tired to.


Later in the day, after Kitaru had stopped for lunch, he came across a small pond. Azura looked at the water carefully for a few seconds, went over to the waters edge to quench her parched lips. While she carefully sipped at the water Kitaru stared at the pond. There was a slight rustle in the bush to his left and he turned to face the sound. A Marill had wandered out of the bush and spotted Kitaru it had frozen in place it seemed like it was unsure of what to do.

“Mischief! Go!” Kitaru released Mischief. “Help me catch this Pokémon.” Mischief nodded.

“Marill!” The Marill went and curled its self into a ball.

“That's defence curl I think. Use Leer!” Mischief began to Leer at the Marill causing it to curl tighter into a ball.

“It's not working the Marill is to scared to come out. I won't be able to capture it unless I weaken it.” Kitaru thought for a moment. “Attack it with Scratch!” Mischief ran forwards and raked his claws across the Marill. The Marill burst out of its ball shape and turned to face Mischief. It looked mad. It shot a torrent of water right in his face pushing him back. The Pansage was a little startled by the attack but not to hurt to Kitaru's relief. The Marill attacked again, Tackling Mischief to the ground.

“Use Vine Whip!” Kitaru ordered and Mischief got back to his feet and sent out vines to attack the Marill.

“Marill!” The Pokémon cried curling back into a ball for defence, the way it did that was really starting to annoy Kitaru.

“Right use Lick!” Kitaru ordered Mischief who obeyed by running up to the Marill and licking it. The Marill unrolled from its ball shape and lay on the ground stunned. At least now it was paralysed

Kitaru actually had a chance at capturing it.

“Use one last Vine Whip!” Mischief once more attacked the Marill with its vines.

“Pokéball! GO!” Kitaru cried as he threw a Pokéball at the Marill, a cry that could probably heard back in Januvale. In a flash of red light the Marill was gone and all that remained was a shuddering Pokéball.

It wobbled once...

It wobbled twice...

To be continued...