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Quote originally posted by digi-kun:
Kinda funny, actually, i can actually see Phantom Bullet being done in about 6 episodes.

1: Introduce Shinon + Battle with Behemoth
2: Kirito + Plot + Entrance into GGO
3: Kirito meets Sinon, shooting game, sign up for BoB
4: Preliminaries
5: Start final matches
6: End Final matches

I actually have a small thought in my mind that somehow they'll do Fairy Dance and Phantom Bullet into the last half, start up next season with Caliber to reintroduce the characters, and move to Mother's Rosario. Alicization I can see probably taking up quite some time on it's own, so I can see it as either it's own series or OVAs

Well, the second cour/Fall Season could make the ALO-GGO season I guess. It's possible. Probably why all this rushing LOL.

A humorous bit I saw elsewhere:

Animators: “We’re animating SAO!”
Fans: “YES! Gonna be awesome!”

Animators: “We had to cut/change a few minor things from the source material because of time/budget constraints.”
Fans: “WTF! Noooo!! Stay true to the source material!”

Animators: “OK, we stayed true to the source material.”
Fans: “Eh. Not long enough.”
Animators: “But.. there isn’t enough material from the LN Short story.”
Fans: “Your supposed to fix it!”

Animators: “Ok, We added some more source material.”
Fans: “WTF is this filler crap!?”
Animators: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Oh the plight of reading the Source Material. xD

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