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Okay guys, update to what we're going to do. After the extended idea Cyclone PMed me I just okay'd it with Kaori and she's fine so...

We'll be having a "WHO WOULD WIN" gym leader thing from next week onwards - so that means for a month. In this month we'll want YOUR help. We're having a tournament of favourites versus favourites. Users submit their 10 favourite Unova Pokemon. You can PM Kaori and I them. After we get around 20 or so submissions if we can get that, then we pit them together at random for the next few weeks in a tournament thing like we originally hoped weekly polls will be. This'll however be shorter and more user orientated. At the end there will be a style of the user-chosen favourite like we intended with weekly polls. However, while we've got that stuff on, we've still got to do a bit more!

So what I was thinking was we just have non-sticky debate threads and each week the member can decide what can be the debate and we could get a little prefix and all for that. While Kaori and I wouldn't be doing it, it'd be up to the member that has that week nominated etc with their debate. Or maybe without a prefix and we could just have something like [DEBATE] on it idk. But yeah, thoughs & any other ideas guys?
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