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Update! Just defeated Ericka with a breeze with Mr.Beaks! but i'm vigorously training the rest of my team so i can do the same with Koga and Sabrina.
My Team

TurtleNips- Wartortle lvl 34
Mr.Beaks - Pidgeot lvl 36
Jolt - Jolteon lvl 25 (I replaced Sparks because Jolteon is my favorite Pokemon!)
Vegeta - Sandslash lvl 29
Gumball - Wigglytuff lvl 28
Bubba - Drowzee lvl 13 (going to start training him)

My Box

Sparks - Riachu lvl 26
Mr.Tinkles - Meowth lvl 12
DSLsprout - Bellsprout lvl 13
Dracula - Zubat lvl 7
AnalBeads - Onix lvl 15


TinyWnigs the life loving Pidgey lvl 2 (you shall never be forgotten!)