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Some issues I found:

1. Extremely annoying weather conditions, of course maybe it's intended to differ a little, but this is just weird...

2. Eevee sucks. The little ****er won't learn any useful attacks, not even when it evolves into espeon or umbreon. And because of the weather conditions, you don't know what time it is, when playing on 8x the speed that's horrible

3. Rock Smash and Flash... Really?
I really don't get the flash thingy. In LoG it didn't always hit WHILE IT WAS A DEFENSIVE move... well yeah okay, it's kinda useful though.
But then Rock Smash, 20 damage? Please, Please, Please make that at least 40. This is just ****ed up. I'm sorry I got to have HM Slaves now.

4. My pokemon levels are utterly low, but that's my fault, with all the courage one can possibly possess, I defeated the 5th gym with pokemon of 22 and 24 and so on.
I could do the 6th right away if it wasn't for their overkill of superpotions on 1 pokemon, they use them ALL.
I don't know how you scripted it? Like "here you got 8 potions, use 'm wisely" and then they use 'm all on 1 pokemon. That's just annoying.

5. The towns are really, really close to each other, not really a bad thing, but 4 gyms that are like 2 steps away is too much, place 1 further away.

6. People walking away in the middle of a conversation, just walking away, turning around, while still talking.

7. Above the ghost town, with the graveyard and all, it occured to me that you could meet pokemon without walking in grass, well I would say "ofcourse, it's the graveyard" but meanwhile the defeat gastly event even on the green tiles left from the graveyard, pokemon would appear, after the event, they won't.

Furthermore I would like to say that the hack is awesome.

The dialoges are good, funny and clever.

I must agree on the grass pokemons being weak, my skiploom isn't really good :/ It has leech seed and aerial ace, but that's it...


Espeon 27
Swellow 29
Farfetch'd 25
Duskull 25
Skiploom 26
Charmeleon 24


Nidorino 23 (HM Slave, sadly)
Meowth & Gastly 20