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Originally Posted by Rygar2 View Post
what current megas are available? I know dorugoramon doesn't have his mega yet, neither does seadramon and magna-angemon.
Ummm, not too many as a large amount of megas are quite big making their sprites really hard to make look decent.
But here we go:
WarGreymon, Omnimon, Imperialdramon (Dragon, Fighter and Paladin modes), MetalGarurumon, MaloMyotismon, Phoenixmon, MarineAngemon.

A few of them probably have no current way of getting, they are there though.

Originally Posted by Nixon1 View Post
What do I use to patch this to a firered rom? I tried both lunar Ips and tsukuyomi neither seemed to work.
You may not have used a clean FireRed rom. Make sure it's English version 1.0. I use LunarIPS to do it, it works perfectly fine for me.

Originally Posted by Loonie View Post
I think their are no mega forms currently in this first beta release so far...
I played the game so far and this beta ends at torrent city ..... so as i can say My pokemons are all lvl 100 and are already evolved except my lvl 100 budmon =( ... and also as i can se when my Angemon evolved into Magnaangemon It became a crobat so that means no mega evolutions currently in this beta.. hope this is help full to you
I just posted in the previous answer the currently inserted Megas. Use that if you want a Mega. There is Mega digivolutions, just not a whole bunch. We are all hard at work getting more sprites and just getting the digimon ready in general!
Just chillen :D

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