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Oooh a new destinedjagold hack :3

Well the story is... vague. To say the least. I know people often do that because they don't want to spoil it but it sounds awfully generic at the moment.

"- You HAVE to talk to trainers if you want to battle them."
This is an interesting part of you game, I'm assuming that SOME battles are forced/required to progress.

Interesting world map! I like the different style.

I like the new tiles, but I think these two screenshots show a few problems. Firstly is the trees - the top and bottom colouration/pattern is so similar that they seem to merge together, which looks horrible. Might be better to add more lightness to the top with a more defined edge - the top of the tiles are very heavily shaded.

Secondly I think the cliff tiles need a bit more outline, or perhaps the grass colour softened. They contrast a bit and is missing... something.

Also why is it 'On Hold' when it only just got submitted?
Looking for spriters/pixel artists for a ROM hacking project.