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Originally Posted by FrozenInfernoZX View Post
I'm learning little by little. Through hours of research along with trial and error I got my palette problem fixed. Sigh of relief. But now I noticed these weird 1 pixel blue dots located only on my water routes. My water routes are utilizing palette 0 and there is no blue colors located there. How is that possible? I do know how to fix the bottom bar problem, but do you guys know if the bottom bar has anything to do with the blue dots? They are the same color. I'm to lazy to try this out right now, need some rest.
The reason you're seeing blue is that those blue squares, and the blue pixel, are set to be the transparent color. The layer underneath the map is blue, and you're seeing that bottom layer through those single-pixel holes. You need to edit your tiles so that the first color in the index doesn't belong to any of the tiles.

Originally Posted by LugiaMZ View Post
I'm follow the MikeMatt15's Ultimate World Map Hacking guide to make a worldmap but I no any problem except the bottom bar. If you are confused try to download the attached file at MikeMatt15's Ultimate World Map Hacking guide at tutorial page and open the .docx file to download the tutorial video, step by step to retry insert your world map.

Hello everyone, I just repost my question and add some question.

1)This question is about .s file. .s file original manuscript is Unknown Application, I double click the .s file. After that, It appeared 2 choices " Use the Web service to find the correct program " and "
Select a program from a list of installed programs ". I choosed "
Select a program from a list of installed programs " and choose Notepad and checked "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file".
Then, I use Sappy 2006 mod 15 to assembly .s file and click " Cook it "( In another Version that's "Assembly that ugly thing", it appeared a error, "XXXX Can't find file "MPlayDef.s" for inclusion Assembly halted". I placed MPlayDef.s file with the .s file I wanted to insert my rom, but also have this problem, so I think is the " "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" problem. I use Windows 7, how can I change the .s file return to Unknown Application? Or a else way to fix this problem.

2) How to edit the grass animation tile?

3) How to scripting to make the fossil image appear?

2. In NSE, go to Option > Bookmarks > View Bookmarks. Then, click the + next to "Landscape" Click "Grass", then "Open". You can now use NSE to edit the grass

3. Begin by setting variable 0x8004 to either 0x8D or 0x8E. Then set variable 0x8005 for the X-Coordinate, and variable 0x8006 for the Y-coordinate. The use special 0x18B. Special 0x18C will make the picture go away.

I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.