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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Cartridge games are very finicky with injecting new code into them and corrode very easily when you do, which is why overuse of Action Replays and Game Sharks ruined most of the older games. [It would still be] possible to get them on the 3DS before 6th Gen just not with the ability to update it when they come out.
Methinks you might be quite mistaken, my skeptical friend. After all, Mario Kart 7 was patched after its release to remove some shortcut-related bugs soon after the Nintendo 3DS's own firmware was imbued with the capabilities necessary to allow this to happen. On another note, the only probable reason that Pokémon's fifth generation cannot fully communicate with its fourth one would be because it is limited by its own code so as to not allow this. Generation IV could not communicate directly with its predecessor because the device family which ran it lacked the necessary External Extension Connector. Whoever stated earlier their prediction that Generation VI might be the first generation of Pokémon games not to drop compatibility with previous titles may have hit the nail right on the head, so to speak. Both the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo DS use ad-hoc WiFi networks to communicate during local multiplayer sessions, and the former has full wireless backwards-compatibility with the latter. I hope that Nintendo has GameFreak utilize this fact in developing the remakes as a sort of 'Generation 5.5.'