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Hey everyone =D I've really been hunting obsessively during this month since I want as many shinies as possible before I go to college, and my Pokemon games have graced me with my 3rd shiny of the month!

After 2 failed RE hunts on Route 3 (one resulting in Pidove, one in Lillipup), 2874 eggs between Blitzle and Ponyta, and 1480 Blitzle eggs, I have a shiny zebra!

Like the Eevee that I hatched back in March (flawless sp attack, DW ability, Modest), she's pretty much perfect. The Jolly everstone worked, she has flawless Speed, she has double-edge as an egg move, and she's a she The only thing about her I don't like is that she has Lightningrod instead of Motor Drive, but that's just a small thing since both are very good abilities.

I will hatch the other 90 Blitzles I have stored, then continue hatching Ponyta eggs until it shines. Not sure what I'm going to do after that; I'll either MM other targets (Togepi and DW Gligar) or hunt Groudon in Soul Silver.

Anyway, good luck to all of you on your hunts!
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