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Lucy - Route 206 --> Oreburgh Ruins
Lucy made a point to lift one hand and gently place it just above Amethyst's respective knee in a reassuring manner. She got this feeling she'd scared the other. The smaller girl was sitting atop her shoulders, which didn't seem to bother Lucy all that much, ...given her apparent strength. Meanwhile, what Creed had said provoked thought. Were adults really remotely dangerous? It was hard for her to imagine that. How did a regular old human hurt a pokespirit wielder? They had no powers. Would they hit them? She was pretty sure she'd seen someone break their hand trying as if they'd punched a brick wall. On the other hand not all pokespirit wielders were as willing to hurt people, she supposed. Perhaps so many scary yelling voices could incapacitate a person? Could they do that? Could they yell at you to death--or maybe capture and find out some more effective way to deal with you? All these questions and more ran through her mind for a moment before she dismissed them in favor of responding.

"I'm Lucy."

She couldn't help but notice there was something odd about Creed's eyes. She was unable place her finger on what it was, but they looked strange to her, unfocused and unresponsive to visual stimuli. Unfortunately she lacked the wisdom to use this to figure out he was blind. Perhaps his pokespirit had strange eyes as well? She also just... completely missed the reference to a pokemon that hadn't existed since before she was born, giving Creed a mildly puzzled look.

"We were just heading off towards the great mountain when I heard the commotion--"

A thought occurred to her.

"...We were actually just stopping there before heading to Children's City. It's a town just for kids like us--/Maybe/ you'd be safer there?"

It seemed like the boy was unwelcome in Eterna, and perhap wasn't good enough at stealth to avoid conflict, and so she'd thrown the suggestion out there. The lack of her saying otherwise also somewhat implied he might come with them, though whether Creed was interested in following a couple of girls across the region was up for debate in the first place. The hand Lucy had placed just above Amethyst's knee remained there for the moment being, both acknowledging the other's presence and attempting to comfort her. Whether it worked was another question entirely, but the gesture was made with good intent.
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