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Originally Posted by CrystalStatic View Post
Hello, I have a question.

This tileset business has been something I've put on hold until now because it really gets me confused..

I don't understand how inserting tilesets works. I can create a new tree, recolor it, and insert it into the game. But then when I try to redo something that is on a different tileset (a tileset different than the "outdoors" one) and insert that tileset into the game, the 1st tileset goes back to normal. I don't understand how to have many different tilesets inserted into the game at once...

Don't know if that made much sense, but can anyone help? Thanks.
All of the tilesets can be edited, I don't really understand your problem. From what I gather, it sounds like you may accidently be reloading the original tileset back into the ROM by accidently selecting the wrong thing. I'm not 100% sure unless you go step by step through the problem and what you do (which I advise you message me too, as I really want to help you)

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