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Originally Posted by Banjora Marxvile View Post
All of the tilesets can be edited, I don't really understand your problem. From what I gather, it sounds like you may accidently be reloading the original tileset back into the ROM by accidently selecting the wrong thing. I'm not 100% sure unless you go step by step through the problem and what you do (which I advise you message me too, as I really want to help you)
First, I go to "Block Editor" and select the default "Palette 0". Then, I select "Picture" and "Save Tileset 1". Next, I open it up in Paint. I also open up a separate Paint page and load up the new tree I want to insert. I recolor the custom tree tile to fit the colors in the palette then I replace the old tree with the new one. I save it and open up A-Map. Then, I go to "Block Editor" and "Load Tileset 1". I load my tileset and my new tile is inserted.

So that all works out great, but then I try to do the same thing with a different tileset, and it basically overwrites what I did to the first tileset.

I do the same process for both tilesets.