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Antonio was woken up by a heavy knock on his cabin’s door. “We will be reaching our destination in a couple of minutes, sir. Please try and reach the main deck at your earliest convenience. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed your trip.” A male’s voice said before walking off.

Antonio groaned as he sat up, wiping the sleep from his pink eyes and put his glasses on. His long spiky hair decorated as well as hid his face from the world. He motioned to get up, when he felt a heavy weight on legs. He looked down to notice a blue and grey dinosaur resting on his legs, still snoring. He smiled at his new Pokémon, Cranidos, also known as Cranium, as the young Pokémon slowly woke up and yawned. The three day trip gave him amp amount of time to spend getting to know the guy and he instantly loved him. Cranium looked at him and smiled. “Hey Cranium time to get up.” He smiled at him as he got up and did his morning regiment; brushing his teeth, taking a shower, exercising, doing his hair, etc. After his morning routine, Antonio threw on a red thermo, a pair of black jeans and some tan boots. He top the outfit off by pulling his hair into a ponytail and putting a red hat on.

He checked his knapsack as he was ready to leave, making sure he put up his PokeDex he took out the night before. After the double check, he picked up Cranium’s pokeball, examine it and then attached it to his belt loop. “Come on, Cranium. Time to go.” Antonio informed his Pokémon. The little dinosaur smiled before leading the way out of the little bunker. When he got to the main deck, he noticed that he was the only one on the deck. Whether he was early or late he didn’t really know. As he looked around he also noticed it was really foggy and dark. He looked towards the island and seen a little settlement that was lit up with many lights and had a huge temple. As he exited the ship, he seen many people and Pokémon walking around the settlement walking, talking and training.

As he walked, he saw a man who claimed to be selling goods for good prices. The man looked in his mid-thirties, he was at least a foot taller than Antonio, with a lanky built. He had blue eyes and short brown hair. Antonio approached the merchant to see what kind of merchandise the trader had.

“Hello, my good sir and welcome to Atara Village. My name is Richard.” The merchant said to the approaching Antonio.

“Hello, I’m Antonio. I heard you say you had some merchandise for sell?” Antonio acquired.

“Well you heard right. I have been on this settlement for about four weeks now and I have a collected a bunch good merchandise to sell. Here take a look.” He said as he grabbed a backpack off his back. He open it up and spew the contents all over a blanket in front of him.

Antonio took a second to look over the goods. “Well I’ll take five Potions and 2 Pokeballs.” Antonio requested.

“Coming right up,” He said as he gathered the bought items, “Now that will be $1,150 poke.” He said. After Antonio paid him, he handed Antonio his newly purchase items. “So you are here for Pandora?” Antonio nodded as he put his items up. “Well you can go to the temple, it has a PokeCenter at the top with Geologist up there. Inside the temple, is a bunch of wild Pokémon but it is cleaned out by the earlier settlers. So it mostly ruins. So you can go there and you can either reach the top through the inside or simply walk up the ramp. Unless you’re really looking for an adventure then I would recommend going to the forest northeast of here. Even though Pokémon are known to be really hostile at night and it’s just the right amount of danger for an adventure. Now if you just want to die or hate your life, you could take a skinny path to go northwest of here. I, myself, recommend you stay at the inn and get goods nights rest before going anywhere but that’s just me. But I have to go, got a bunch of stuff to sale, you have a goodnight now and be safe.” The merchant said as he walked off leaving Antonio to ponder.

Antonio took the time to think of his next move. He looked down at Cranium, as Cranium was staring him in the face. “Well the skinny path is definitely out of our league. I don’t know about you but I love life.” Antonio joked with Cranium. Cranium smiled up at his trainer and giggled like it caught the joke. “We do need some training and I don’t really like taking the easy way out of things, so I opt the forest. What about you, Cranium?”

“Cran, cran, dos!” Cranium agreed.

“Well, then it’s settled. To the forest we go.” Antonio said as he and Cranium started walking. As they traveled through the village, they saw a couple more inns and merchants. The lights that lit up the village started to become fewer as they hit the edge of the Southern District.
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