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Quote originally posted by ReshZek200:
1. Roleplaying
2. Roleplaying, Hacking and Emulation
3. Maybe..
4. i want to chillax and chat as i make friends, but i`m also making a n00b-y rom hack
You might want to explain #3 a bit since it doesn't tell me anything. :/

Well, you have two interests right there! ROM Hacking and Roleplaying. You know, I'd be more than happy to take you on if you'd like a mentor right now (since you PMed me earlier that prompted me to make that choice) but if you're looking for a specific mentor, there's DrFuji and SwiftSign for Emulation as well as PkMnTrainer Yellow and Miss Doronjo for Roleplay Corner.

Quote originally posted by Trippixon:
1. What boards are you most interested in? General Pokemon Gaming, Challenges
2. What boared are you most interested in getting to understand? Competitive Pokemon Gaming, Trading
3. Would you like to venture out into other parts of the forums? I guess i would like to expand my horizons whilst im here
4. Are there any specific things you like to do while you're here? Meet people and have fun. :)
Sydian is the mentor and moderator of General Pokemon Gaming and Challenges! I think she'd be the perfect mentor for you if you're interested in that area. :D She can also expand you in trading as well.
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