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Update.. again.. sorry.. I got pretty far comparing my last update i actually got a badge! easily defeated Koga with Vegeta.. know im training in the Pokemon Mansion in cinnabar island getting my team ready for Team Rocket and Sabrina!
My Team
TurtuleNips - lvl 42 Blastoise
Bolt - lvl 41 Jolteon
Mr.Beaks - lvl 41 Pidgeot
Gumball - lvl 42 Wigglytuff
Vegeta - lvl 43 Sandslash
Kummy - lvl 41 Muk

AnalBeads - onix
Mr.Tinkles - Meowth
Buzz- Venomoth (got super luck for my 1st encounter in safari zone)
TwinkleToe - Diglett
Sparks - Raichu
Dracula - Zubat
Biggy - Snorlax (was going to replace Gumball with him.. but i like Gumball better)
BirdMutant (I know clever name) - Doduo
DSLsprout - Bellsprout (Cut slave)

TinyWings - Pidgey lvl2
Stanley - Gastly lvl 20 - lvl 24
Bubba - Drowzee lvl 13 - lvl 15
Sam - Hitmonlee lvl 30 (who knew Doduo's were so stron and Sam's defence was sucky)
Tatters - Rattata lvl 24 (died protecting Bolt from a poison from MUK and I just got him in the patch of grass south pallet town)