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First off, I'd like to say -- as has been said before in this thread -- anyone complaining about the Trubbish line and other Gen V lines based on inanimate objects (eg, Chandelure) that likes or doesn't complain about the Magnemite/Voltorb/Grimer/Koffing lines is really applying a double standard. If a trash or a candle Pokemon is unacceptable because of what it's based on, then any other Pokemon based on any kind of pollution / based on any inanimate object would have to be unacceptable as well, by that standard.

Now, I've been playing Pokemon since I got my hands on a copy of Yellow in 2002, and have thoroughly played through at least one game from every generation, including FR/LG (but not HG/SS yet) and I initially didn't like the Gen V Pokemon when B/W were announced. I firmly believed that Gamefreak were "running out of ideas" and that the new Pokemon "didn't look like Pokemon". After realising that both of those reasons were 1) completely invalid, and 2) didn't even make sense, I warmed up to the idea a little, and remained rather apathetic 'til I got White last week. Since playing that, I've warmed up to the new Pokemon, and even love a fair amount of the designs. The only ones I still really dislike are Vanilluxe and Watchog, but the rest I'm used to. Frankly, it was the nostalgia goggles clouding my vision, and me not wanting to accept the new designs out of stubbornness.

The fact is, the designs have just evolved over time, but they still look like Pokemon, and they are Pokemon. Not accepting the newer designs because they supposedly don't look like Pokemon is ridiculous. Same with claiming that they're bland and unoriginal. Having a personal dislike for the designs I can understand, that's completely reasonable, but just admitting that rather than trying to justify it with silliness like the arguments I've mentioned is, in my opinion, nonsensical.

Apologies if that's a bit long, or if I seem to ramble. :3
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