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Can't tell if pun because everything can learn Outrage now, or just stating how ridiculous they are.

They are indeed ridiculous though. It shows that Gamefreak has been watching competitive online battles and Smoogen.

Translation patch has been updated today. The receptionist for the actual PWT (right side) actually lets you know how many more times you must win to unlock the next thing. Had no idea. I need to win World Leaders 4 more times for Champions. I thought that was neat.

Also, I tried the DLC Tournament the other day. Their alt teams are even worse than before. I couldn't get past the first person xD I think it was Norman, but his Giga Impact spam always gets me :/ It's tough one-shotting that Slaking, and it's so FAST for no reason. Not even Scarf'd because it either has that stupid Chople berry or Eject Button.