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Quote originally posted by krisye:
Fair enough.

I found that in the twinkle town (nice alliteration btw) an extreme sunny day starts, with nothing putting an end to it...
Is this a mix up with Groudons effect in Ruby?
The sunny weather will fade eventually.

Quote originally posted by Ash493:
So I finished it (got 6 badges and I presume that's the end...)
But it seems I missed Volcano event... because I cannot surf from the endangered city. o.O
The volcano event is not yet available.

Quote originally posted by Ash493:

Am I lucky? xD
Where did you found that? o.O

Quote originally posted by Ash493:
Oh, and could you edit Charmeleon's moveset to make it more usable?
My Charmeleon is on 33 level and it does NOT have any useful moves o.O
Srsly 33 level Charmeleon only with Ember and Scratch? :/ That doesn't really work...
I'll do just that then.

Quote originally posted by Ash493:
Anyways, how can you evolve Eevee into another Pokémon? o.O I mean there are no evolution stones in game o.O
I will try and check Eevee's evolution method.

Quote originally posted by blazerj13:
YAY SKYLINE IS HERE! oh, u gonna add in any of your fakemons???? i love the fakemons!
no, sorry.
I'm sticking with the originals.

Quote originally posted by Rygar2:
i love the character and their sprites they're so original and kawaii~
Also where can i get a moon stone
Any evolution stones are not yet available.

Quote originally posted by Hacker Bisharp:
moviment permission error:

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:

btw the guy just below the gym in this pic (out of sight here) is blocking the path to a item which has no other way through (cant surf either)
Thank you.

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
1) imo grass pkmn are really bad for this hack so far.
Yes grass types generally have poor offense in any pkmn game,
but in this hack so far it was real irritating to see way too many bug catchers, bird keepers and young ladies,
making 80% or so of the trainers' pkmn be grass, bug, flying (especially this!) and fire types.
Grass types thus fare badly in most trainer battles, plus they dont fare well against any gym so far either. (maybe the electric one but not really ie.magneton).
It was annoying at best to raise grass pkmn like venusaur as they get walled way too easily, and considering that u get mostly grass pkmn early early game, its best to just..not use them. in a sense limiting the pkmn u can get early game, get the point?

yes late game with all the surfing would be better for grass types, but by that time there are many good electric types around as well.
I'll...try and remember that one.
Feel free to bash me with this again if ever I'll release another beta, and I forgot this response o'yours.

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
2) too few TMs. understand this is a beta but would be nice to have at least a few decent stuff around routes (like bullet seed, headbutt, thief etc.?).
This compounds the grass pokemon problem said earlier since theres so little tm to provide coverage (facade venusaur all day long)
Dont have to put too much or too strong stuff either.
I haven't gone to add he TMs around yet...

Quote originally posted by TranceBar:
So i got a rare candy from Zizagoon and it brougth my Ralts to 100 (-)_(-)
I'll check on that one...

Quote originally posted by krisye:
Some issues I found:

1. Extremely annoying weather conditions, of course maybe it's intended to differ a little, but this is just weird...
It will be like that.

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
2. Eevee sucks. The little ****er won't learn any useful attacks, not even when it evolves into espeon or umbreon. And because of the weather conditions, you don't know what time it is, when playing on 8x the speed that's horrible
Read the F.A.Q. so you will know how to change Eevee into another starter.

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
3. Rock Smash and Flash... Really?
I really don't get the flash thingy. In LoG it didn't always hit WHILE IT WAS A DEFENSIVE move... well yeah okay, it's kinda useful though.
But then Rock Smash, 20 damage? Please, Please, Please make that at least 40. This is just ****ed up. I'm sorry I got to have HM Slaves now.
I'll do just that.

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
5. The towns are really, really close to each other, not really a bad thing, but 4 gyms that are like 2 steps away is too much, place 1 further away.
I won't be changing that, sorry... =/

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
6. People walking away in the middle of a conversation, just walking away, turning around, while still talking.
Lazy scripting by me...

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
7. Above the ghost town, with the graveyard and all, it occured to me that you could meet pokemon without walking in grass, well I would say "ofcourse, it's the graveyard" but meanwhile the defeat gastly event even on the green tiles left from the graveyard, pokemon would appear, after the event, they won't.
i'll check on that.

Quote originally posted by SwiftSign:
I like the new tiles, but I think these two screenshots show a few problems. Firstly is the trees - the top and bottom colouration/pattern is so similar that they seem to merge together, which looks horrible. Might be better to add more lightness to the top with a more defined edge - the top of the tiles are very heavily shaded.

Secondly I think the cliff tiles need a bit more outline, or perhaps the grass colour softened. They contrast a bit and is missing... something.
I'll see what I can do.
Not really good at graphics...

Quote originally posted by Ash493:
Yeah, that reminds me... DJG, it's interesting to have such a small gyms but only one or two gym trainers? :/ That's kinda not enough for training :/
I know you can train in wild but as you have Pokémon on >30 wild training is useless...
Can you at least make them rebattleable just like the other trainers? :D (Which is little annoying to meet up with every trainer after each gym to get a little useful training xD but I like this feature :D)
I'll make the gym leaders rebattable in the next beta.

Quote originally posted by ChaosSonic:
This is a good hack. Starting off broke, challenging gym leaders....loving it.
You can get money from Prof. Birch though.

Quote originally posted by Vato:
I went to Starlight Beach and 'gave Eevee back', then I received a Squirtle, when I was asked if I wanted to nickname it, I said yes, and then a screen for nicknaming Eevee appeared, I pressed B, and after Joseph left, I checked my party, I had a Squirtle, AND Eevee.

Is that supossed to happen (keeping Eevee after 'giving it back')?
I hope you can answer, anyways, best of luck on your hack!
Definitely, that is NOT how it's suppose to happen.
I'll check on that.

Quote originally posted by krisye:
The guys that give you leftovers and exp shares and stuff. They give you like 2 or 3, is that intended?
Yep, those are intended.

Quote originally posted by Vato:
Just caught a male Hoothoot and a Female Skitty!
I accidentaly named Skitty as 'Bat' instead of 'Cat' -.-
Is there a Name Rater somewhere?
The name rater is unavailable at the moment.

Quote originally posted by Vato:
EDIT: While grinding in Route 1, I found a Lv.11 Pidgeotto :O
I managed to catch it before it finished crusing my team of Lv.5-10 Pokes.
I'll give it a well deserved nickname: Killer!
I'd like to call them mini-bosses.

Quote originally posted by jstolze:
Nice hack, DJG. How long did it take to make this? I ask because it was only posted earlier this week, so... Imagine what can be accomplished in another week. Or did you wait until you had a playable beta to post this?
I started last January.

Quote originally posted by giradialkia:
I like how it has some of the same little features that were used in your other hacks, like the outdoor clocks.
They weren't suppose to be in the game.
During beta testing, my brother wanted them back, so they're back.

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