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Once again, another oddity:

I went to route 3-B, where I found Tauros (4 times, all of them Lv.10), I caught one of them, I went to the Pokemon Center to add it to my party (I already had 6 pokemon), once I added Tauros, I checked its stats to see how much EXP it needed for its next level, then I checked my other Pokemon:

This is what appeared:

Eevee: 3 (Seven Blank Spaces) 447
Pidgeotto: 3 (Seven Blank Spaces) 974
Skitty: 3 (Seven Blank Spaces) 979
Zangoose: 3 (Seven Blank Spaces) 1817
Wartortle: 3 (Seven Blank Spaces) 961
Tauros: 317711618 (No Blank Spaces)

If I change to Battle Moves and Contest Moves (which by the way appears as C0ntest Moves), the weird '3' dissapears from all my pokemon, along with the blank spaces, but Tauros still says it needs all that experience (317711618).

Another thing, the flying-leaders Doduo is named 'Dodou'

EDIT: Went back to route 3-B and used Tauros to see if it actually needed that huge amount of experience..., and it does... dunno why, but it does.

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