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Candice Greyson

You couldn't help but think about the whole thing. You have some sort of...magic was it? It then dawned to you. Maybe that guy, or girl, who pestered you earlier may have some answers. Not knowing whether they would respond back or not, you put your hands on the keyboard and start to read over what the mysterious messenger had sent you.

-- velociClamper began pestering archaicMiracle --
VC: right!
VC: put useful things in your sylladex, of course. the pink one!
VC: and decide carefully what to put in your strife specibus! the green one.
VC: it'll be the only kind of weapon you'll use!!

Keeping your cool on the outside, on the inside you were mentally freaking out. What did this all mean? This was no longer a game to you. Now you wanted to do everything possible to somehow make through the game alive. Before you could do anything else, you were pestered by both Vinnie and Vieve. You have company it seems.

archaicMiracle began pestering paintSplatter
AM: Hello there
AM: Hope you don't me dropping in

PS: Sorry, I didn’t notice these…
PS: I just did the most embarrassing thing, ever.
PS: Vinnie probably thinks I’m a blind duck. ):

paintSplatter ceased pestering archaicMiracle
archaicMiracle began pestering paintSplatter
AM: It's cool....what happened?
AM: I'm also in some kind of problem at the moment too.

There wasn't much to say to her besides be there for her. Besides, you also wanted somebody to be here for you. It all confused you. You wondered what was up with Ricardo. Who knew the only one you actually felt like talking to wasn't responding back? Must be busy doing other things. Next up was Vinnie. This one seems to calm you down.

BV: Calm down!
BV: Nothing bad happened
BV: Just think of it this way...
BV: You got a new toy
BV: Don't worry about me, I wont look down your shirt or anything

AM: Oh ok ok.
AM: I managed to calm down a bit.
AM: But helped.
AM: More like a magic toy to be honest.

With that said, you get off your metal chair and glance around. Nothing much to see here besides a few scattered books, drinks, items, and trash. You only had five pink "magic" cards. Calling it by it's longer and complicated name was difficult, so you shortened it. You had your skateboard and Mountain Dew Pack on two of them already. That leaves you with three pink magic cards left.

Studying the room for any potential item, you come across the thought of the weapon. "And decide carefully what to put in your strife specibus! the green one. it'll be the only kind of weapon you'll use!!" were the words of the stranger. It sounded just about right, so you follow your instincts and leave the room. Entering your dad's room, who happens to be gone, by coincidence, and find the metal bat he would always remind you about.

You hated how he would ramble on about using that as a weapon, and how he would love to see his daughter use it herself. Although you never thought you would end up using it, you slightly touch the green charm to make the wallet poof into your hand. Taking out the green card, you slap that magic thing against the bat that was hanging against the wall. Just like the other items, it disappeared and got itself stuck inside the green card. Unlike the others however, this one read "Batkind" just under the picture. Puzzled, you simply shrug it off and place the card back inside your wallet. Feeling the need to throw something, you decided to do something stupid and throw the wallet against the wall. Unfortunately, it vanished out of your sight and transformed back into the green charm before it could impact the wall.

Walking out of your dad's room, the floor suddenly shakes as if a huge object had just landed. Your quick reflexes make you grab a hold of the curtains beside you, thinking it was some earthquake. It was until a few seconds later that you realized it was no earthquake, and you blink in confusion about it. It took even longer to realize that it was probably Vinnie. "Oh great, what did he do this time?" you mumble, casually walking over to your room. Opening the door, you were shocked to find a huge machine in the middle of the empty room. The machine is 2 square meters large and looked very heavy. It's a sort of light blue-ish gray metallic color all over, except for the marking on the top, which was green. Four screens were visible, one on each side. Of course, they were off for now.

It looked tempting to mess with, but you didn't want to somehow make something weird happen. All this magic made you feel "alive" in such a way, but at the same time horrified. He probably already knows you dig the magic cards from seeing your freaky reaction to them. You were caught off guard by the beep of your laptop, which was signaling you that you were being pestered.

Going over to the desk, you realized Vinnie had pestered you right after you replied. Obviously he was referring to the huge device in the middle of her room, so you sarcastically responded. There was the urge to open the lid of it, but you resisted against that. You already enjoyed the cards, which is good enough for you...but not your curiosity.
BV: Okay, okay
BV: Im going to send you some items...i think.
BV: some Velicirapter told me too or something
BV: They look cool

AM: Yeah
AM: Must be that huge device that's standing in the middle of the room.

Since you were awful at keeping urges in check, you spring out of your chair and get on the machine. The first thing you do is try to turn on the wheel, which did nothing. Next you try to pull the lid, but despite looking flimsy and nearly out, it was too heavy and wouldn't budge. Determined, you take out your wallet by brushing against the cerise charm. You were about to press a pink card against the device, but the lid vibrated and caused you to freeze. Instead, the card drops and lands on top of a Panda Bear doll, which disappears and gets loaded into the card. Staring down, the card showed the picture of your childhood teddy bear. The one you would never let anything happen to...then it processed into your head. It was just swallowed by the magic card.

"Oh wait! That was my favorite teddy bear!" you blurted out, kneeling down and snatching the card from the ground. A very stupid idea then occurred to you. With a trembling hand, you imagine yourself reaching in for the bear. Suddenly, as you touch the image with the thought of taking out the bear, the panda bear suddenly poofs out into view. Silence filled the room as you sit there, spacing out. Maybe all this magic WAS too much. Now that you know how to retrieve items and get them inside, you grasp the teddy bear and slap the card into its face. Once again, it disappeared and the picture of your childhood friend appears in the pink card. Of course you need Mr. Fluffy! He was your childhood friend! Why else would you not take him???