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Originally Posted by Haseyo View Post
I mean in the West. The reason we don't get many games for PSP localized nowadays is because:

A) They know we pirate the crap out of PSP games.
B) PSP sales aren't that strong.

I don't blame them at all.
True, though this would be less of a problem if the core gamer would get interested. I'm not a fan of Call of Duty or games that try hard to appeal to the core (aka "false-hardcore", in most cases) gamer and have little substance, but I actually anticipate their release on the Vita. The more the core gamer gets interested in the Vita, the more likely the East will be to bring games over, or at least it will raise the sales for a system that definitely deserves it; I don't want a repeat of the PSP (which was also a great system). Though, regardless, it does piss me off how many core-gamers actually avoid games because they're Japanese, the idea of that disgusts me.
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