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Pokémon Trial Black

I am Spanish, so sorry if my English isn't very good.


Well, this is a hack I've been doing along with my sister. It's our very first hack. We are noobs at hacking, so there are many things we don't know how to do yet. I am just using tools that are easy to use. I would greatly appreciate some help in a few things I'll say later... This hack is supposed to be a challenge. I hope you enjoy it... Ok, here it goes!

Hack of: Pokémon Black (To apply the patch, you must have a clean USA Pokémon Black Rom. To get it, use google.)


- EVERY Pokémon has had its stat distribution changed, in order to make them more competitive and stronger.
- Many Pokémon have new abilities, some are from the Dream World, others are ones that we think suit them, or just make them more competitive, like Forretress with Heatproof, Girafarig with Adaptability, or Raikou with Flare Boost.
- The game is much harder than the originals. The level curve has been increased.
- Trainers, including Gym Leaders, will use different Pokémon. Important trainers are much harder than ordinary ones.
- Wild Pokémon have been edited as well. All 649 will be available.
- New starters! (Treecko, Chimchar and Totodile).
- There are no trade evolutions. Some Pokémon have also had their evolution level changed because they appear early in the game (Pawniard, Rufflet, Axew, Deino...)
- Some type changes here and there. As I said before, some in my opinion they suit them, or some to make the Pokémon better, such as Sudowoodo being Grass/Rock (I know it hates water, but Grass eliminates some of its weaknesses, and gives him STAB Wood Hammer), or Banette being Normal/Ghost (Eliminating its weakness to Ghost-type moves). There are more (Masquerain- Water/Bug (with the ability Levitate), Seviper- Poison/Dark, Zangoose- Normal/Fighting, Porygon-Z- Normal/Electric...)
- Some moves have been changed to make them more useful.
- Some item location edited, but this is difficult, and I fon't know how to change the number of items you get... In Beta2, this is untouched, but some items will be changed in the final releas

- Some features we would like to add:

- Edit movesets. This is being done, but it's long, as I want to edit almost every Pokémon moveset.

- Bugs:

- Some rangers don't give berries... I read this happened due to using neltazero's Trainer editor... Don't know if it's fixable...
- The images of the starters are Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. Just choose the correct typing to get Treecko (Snivy), Chimchar (Tepig) or Totodile (Oshawott).
- The in-game text refers to the starters as if they were Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott. Don't know how to edit this.
- There can be more. If you find one, tell me.

- Screenshots:


- Credits:

- My sister and I, because we've done everything.
- neltazero, for his Trainer editor, and Wild Pokémon editor.
- KazoWar, for his Trainer editor.
- TwistedFatal, for all his tools.
- OxNite, for his move editing tool.
- Drayano and The Grubby Pup, because their hacks are amazing and inspire me a lot. They made me believe doing a good difficulty and varied hack is possible with great effort, so I have to thank them a lot.

- Downloads:

The new Beta2 goes up to Chargestone Cave. You can fully explore it, meaning that the Beta ends after you beat N in Chargestone Cave. Documentation with Pokémon changes, Wild Pokémon changes and that type of things will be available as soon as possible.

Sendspace Beta 1
4shared Beta1

Sendspace Beta2
4shared Beta2

We are open to all type of suggestions. Even if you want us to change a trainer roster, or want to suggest an ability or something that can make the Pokémon better, just tell me, and we'll see if it's better than what there is. Also, if you want a team of Pokémon you like to be included, just tell me the roster, and if I like it I'll add it to one of the post-Pokémon League trainers.

Support us!

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