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Episode 1
I got a lot covered already. Dunsparce was fairly easy to catch, it took only about five minutes.
  • Chose Totodile as starter.
  • Caught Cedric the Dunsparce in the Dark Cave.
  • The Sprout Tower wasn't too difficult.
  • Defeated Falkner.
  • I thought the Union Cave would be the first really difficult place, but Rage worked surprisingly well and I got through it reasonably fast.
  • Cleared the Slowpoke Well and sent Team Rocket flying off again.
  • Defeated Bugsy and Silver.
  • Got through Ilex Forest.
  • Caught Sparkweed the Sunkern in the National Park.
  • Defeated Whitney and scared Sudowoodo away.
  • Beat Silver at the Burnt Tower.
  • Defeated Morty.


Sparkweed the Sunkern (M) @ Lv. 25
Mega Drain
Sunny Day

Cedric the Dunsparce (M) @ Lv. 31

HM Slave

Episode 2
This run is a lot easier than I thought. Sunkern is a pain, but Dunsparce is fairly useful.
  • Traveled to Olivine City and went to the Lighthouse.
  • Surfed my way to Cianwood City (the third most boring part).
  • Defeated Chuck.
  • Got Ampharos' medicine and brought it back to the Lighthouse.
  • Defeated Jasmine.
  • Traveled through Ecruteak and went on to Mahogany Town.
  • Defeated the Red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage.
  • Met Lance and started the second most boring part: defeating Team Rocket in Mahogany.
  • Team Rocket escaped and I defeated Pryce.
  • Prof. Elm called, went to Goldenrod to do the most boring part: defeating Team Rocket again.
  • Went through the Ice Path after that and arrived in Blackthorn City.
  • I thought Clair would be the most difficult gym leader in this run, but she proved me wrong, she was almost the easiest one.
The only thing left to do is to go to Dragon's Den to get my badge and then it's Victory Road Time!


Sparkweed the Sunkern (M) @ Lv. 46
Sludge Bomb
Giga Drain
Mega Drain
Sunny Day

Cedric the Dunsparce (M) @ Lv. 49
Iron Tail
Rock Smash

HM Slave

HM Slave

HM Slave
In Progress
SR - Zapdos - Red
SR - Charizard - Black
SR - Mr. Mime - X
Random Pokémon - Heart Gold
Duo Species - Furret & Linoone

SR - Venusaur (Leaf Green, Soul Silver), Charizard (Red, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum), Blastoise (Blue), Butterfree (Fire Red, Gold), Pidgeot (Fire Red), Raticate (Leaf Green), Arbok (Heart Gold), Raichu (X), Clefable (Fire Red), Dugtrio (Fire Red), Golduck (Fire Red, Ruby), Arcanine (Leaf Green), Poliwrath (Fire Red), Golem (Sapphire), Rhyhorn (Emerald), Vaporeon (Platinum), Omastar (Leaf Green), Zapdos (Silver, Sapphire), Mew (Fire Red, Silver), Typhlosion (Leaf Green), Feraligatr (X), Houndoom (Leaf Green), Tyranitar (Leaf Green), Ho-Oh (X), Swampert (Fire Red, Sapphire), Exploud (Diamond), Torkoal (Fire Red), Absol (Leaf Green), Kyogre (Fire Red), Infernape (Black), Abomasnow (Black), Chesnaught (X)
MC - Red (Fire Red, Ruby, Platinum), Yellow (White 2)
MT - Bug (Fire Red), Grass (Platinum), Normal (X), Steel (Platinum)
Legendary Trio - Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres - Fire Red
Persona - Sacred Gold
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