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Originally Posted by DJYosh View Post
I understand that the story of the RP would not allow it, but is there a specific reason you're disallowing Unova Pokemon? I'm just asking because it kind of looks like you set up the story deliberately so that they couldn't be included.
I need to directly control the Unova pokemon involvement, seeing as I don't yet know them all by heart.

Edit: Egg moves are allowed. Try not to abuse that rule though.
three more entries before we can begin

There were some Character features that I Found great last time if you need ideas you can try one of these:
A trainer from the Orre region (I didn't mention it in the summary but it's involved too.)
A trainer who was once a member of team neo rocket when they were young.(They were going to have a huge part both times in the RP...(hint hint))
A trainer with a pokemon team thats level total was under the max (like only one level 10 pokemon or two level 7 pokemon)
A stow-away on the Plane (pretty fun writing a story for him)
A pokemon breeder with an adorable pokemon (one time it was a Diglet in a berry pot another time it was a Sunkern that traveled by pocket)
A shy trainer with a hat (Just because there's a running gag with one of the trainers involving hats.)

PM me for info about this project.

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