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Quote originally posted by dyee:
This is the "level 10 bug". Any pokemon level 10 or 100 is related to the same bug.

Here's what happened to me in regards to the bug:

Level 7 Ralts. Leveled it up to 10 normally, then required 300 million experience to the next level. Fed it a Rare Candy (which would be the same thing as leveling it) and it hits level 100. This applied for a level 10 Aron I caught, as well as a level 8 Magikarp (many appeared as level 10, but I tried to catch a level 8 one to see if it was bugged, and surely enough, it was).

In regards to Charmeleon, mine learns moves fine (Flamethrower @34, Wing Attack @36, etc)

Also, where in the world do you get Cut? It's in Twinkle Town, but from who?
this might mean that any pokemon u catch in the wild (not starter) below or at lvl 10 WILL get hit by this bug the moment the reach lvl 10? sthose alr >lvl 10 when caught would obv not by affected anymore.

this bug is really a dampener on gameplay, lvl 10 gyarados and slaking etc. on trainers