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ok here we go
as far as having too many pokemon and not using all of them. ash is not even using all his pokemon
yes gib is a dragon but when i think of dragon i think flying he doesnt have that yet..
second yes charizard is fire but guess what he isnt realy ashes any more cuase charizard is with all the other charizards

also as far as what all of you say on legendary thats bull seriously he has been in every region and area . he wants to be the best yet he doesnt have one after all he has seen, meet, and become friends with. he should at least have one if not now then at least by the end of the series..

yes i understand why he has a water, grass, fire and such but how come he doesnt get pokemon types he doesnt have yet.

there are pokemon out there that are perfect for ash and his personality like axew and lavitar and such and yet he doesnt have them.

in every region he catches like 5 or 8 pokemon and he is done

if ash is so powerful like you say and doesnt need a super powerful pokemon how come he hasnt won any leagues yet please answer me that..

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