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Now I'm not 100% sure on my team yet, and it's very well subject to change at any time, but this is what I would like to use, so far.

1 - Emboar (I used him before, but it wouldn't be the same, and I don't like the other Fire-Types much. If I don't then probably Serperior.)
2 - Galvantula (I've always kinda liked this guy, but never used him.)
3 - Umbreon or Vaporeon (favorite Eeveelutions)
4 - Archeops or Gigalith (haven't used Archeops yet, and Gigalith is my favorite 5th Gen Pokemon)
5 - Roserade/Arcanine (depends on my starter, I like both)
6 - Jellicent or many others (depends on my Eeveelution)

I still can't decide who to use, honestly... I'm bad at this! xD
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