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Quote originally posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire:
@ Xander I don't see the Extralink as a location per say but more of games similar to how FrLgE had the doduo berry game though wi-fi. Though if it lacks extralink I hope they add some wi-fi uses as it'll be lacking in them compared to BWB2W2.
The Entralink is the center section of Unova, so it is an actual location. If anything we'll prolly get the same Wifi usage that HG/SS had. (which is pretty much none outside of battle anyway as I don't remember if Pokethon was Wifi enabled)

With the possible return of Contests, we have Local Wifi Linked Contests, Pokeblock Mini Game, possible return of Mix Record for Secret Bases...and then normal battle Wifi linkage.