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Originally Posted by TrainerBliss View Post
First of all, you shouldn't pay attention to braggers. They may have beaten you, but nobody likes a bragger. Second, although they may be useful at times, status attacks aren't worth keeping. My team only know attack-attacks, and I beat pretty much anything. Teach all your Pokemon non-status moves, and you're well on your way to beating these braggers. Third, level your Pokemon up a bunch of times and you'll have a good upper hand. Fourth, looks like you've battled them enough times to know their main team. With that information, you can form a powerful team with type advantages. And lastly, if your so called friends keep bragging, just say something witty, like 'You win, you lose, it doesn't really matter'

Good luck ;)
That's terrible advice to give to someone who wants to win competitively... you cannot win without status moves. His Pokemon are already leveled up because he's playing on a simulator, leveling up doesn't matter.

@the person needs help idr your username sorry ;;, I suggest posting an RMT (Rate My Team) here so we can rate it properly and help you make your team competitive battle worthy. :)