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Originally Posted by Astorath View Post
i guess i can understand
i just find it annoying that he barely cataches any pokemon in each area and i find it more annoying that he always cataches the same time

another question that has always bugged me is how come most of his pokemon havent fully evolved i can understand pikachi

i guess i can understand what everyone means about the legendary but i just find it funny after all the legendary pokemon he has seen and helped he doesnt have atleast one .. do you think its possible that he might get one by the time the series and his adventure is finaly over.?
Getting to the levels needed for evolution, (they do exist!) in the anime is a lot harder than the games I'd imagine. But then, a lot of his Pokemon are proud. Bulbasaur, Oshawott and Snivy spring to mind, I don't think they'll be evolving any time soon, or ever in Bulbasaur's case. But then you've also got to consider how strong they are. Tepig was quite weak so it took a while to evolve, Tranquil wasn't used as much so it didn't get any experience that it needed to evolve. (Up until the Gym battle). There's many reasons that have to be taken into considering when thinking about why they haven't evolved.

As for the legends, it's unpredictable. I mean, he probably won't considering they mainly only appear in movies. But I guess if the writers wanted to go down the 'Ash having a legend' path they can make him have Meloetta.
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