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Full Name: Hogan ‘Iggy’ Jules
Age (16+): 23
Gender: Male
Hometown: Anville Town
Appearance: [img][/img]
Personality: A brooding character, Hogan keeps to himself and his pokemon, He does not talk much to others, but when he does its always to the point and as brief as possible – he is more relaxed around his pokemon and has been spotted really enjoying his play time with them.
Biography: Setting off from Anville town, his parents presented him with a gift – well numours gifts as they presented him with everything he needed to start his pokemon journey, from the Xtranciver, spare pokeballs to even his first pokemon, which was a Rufflet, which he has now grown to level 40.

His mother and father have a local day-care/breeding centre. But before they met and fell in love, Hogan’s mother was a fierce trainer having even competed in the battle frontier and was for a while a frontier brain, while his father was a trainer from unova who had come to kanto to challenge the battle frontier and as soon as the challenge between soon to be husband and wife began, they realised that they were destined to be together, and so with Hogan’s mother stepped down from her post at the Battle Fortress and travelled back to Unova with Hogan’s dad.

During school, Hogan didn’t have many friends, most of the time he would look out from the playground, watching the pokemon go about their days, eventually he befriended a patrat which used to come up to the gates of the playground and wait for Hogan to come and play and this was the time that Hogan realised that his future lay in raising pokemon, once Hogan graduated from school, he came back for the Patrat and offered it a home with his mother and father, and so as well as the many other pokemon that The Jules’ look after, there is a family of Patrats running around, but it is not clear if the Patrat that played with Hogan during the Recess’ has actually been caught by Hogan.

The first day Hogan left to become a trainer – it was his 10th birthday and at the end of the little birthday tea his parents presented him with a bag, a pack of basic supplies for travel and a sleeping bag – as well as a pokeball containing his first pokemon, the Rufflet Chieftain.

His dad then challenged him to a battle, now knowing his son didn’t know much about pokemon battles this challenge was more to help Hogan understand how battles worked, and so the battle lasted a good long time, but unfortunately the little Rufflet that was Hogans was young and the time the battle took tired the little bird out, but his dad smiled upon his son, knowing that he would get stronger and better at raising pokemon, and so once Rufflet had healed Hogan set out on his journey towards being a great pokemon Trainer.

Hogan loved the idea of travelling beyond the town borders and so eagerly started his journey, marvelling at the lush forests, the bustling cities, he battled Cress the water specialist of the Straiton City trio, and although he lost the first time, he trained hard and the rematch went in his favour, and as much as he enjoyed the win, he felt that something was missing, and so onward he travelled taking in the surroundings with awe, all the pokemon, including the swarms of woobat that flew out of wellspring cave, all the patrats and pidoves along route 3, but still, that something was missing, as he travelled he earned a further 3 badges, and so he decided to change routes, on arriving back in Castellia City, he phoned home to say that he wanted to board the Royal Unova in order to experience how people from other regions trained and raised their pokemon, and so with their blessing Hogan set sail for Sinnoh, he landed Celestic Town, which had just put up adverts for a ‘Pokemon Contest’ intrigued by how such a thing went, he ran around, trying to find the Pokemon Centre to sign up, not knowing how such thing worked.

The day of the contest arrived, and so with Chieftain and Surf, he went along to the hall to take part in the contest, using Surf in the first round – it was a total disaster, Surf tripped several times, got the judges and audience soaked with a wayward water gun, and thus was ruled out, but that something that was missing? It wasn’t missing from the contest performance, well not the same thing – although his technique was a bit hit and miss, he had found what he wanted to do, and so he decided that this was the path he wanted to travel, and so he entered more contests, but the same fate met him twice more – but the third time proved to be the charm, and so he got the grand festival with Simipour and Rufflet – they worked well, both with different styles, Hogan realised that not many others had pokemon from the Unova region and so he his style aimed to show off the uniqueness of his pokemon and in the second rounds this also proved a good thing as he was able to take some advantage over his opponents confusion about his pokemon, not having seen the species before.

He started off his quest to follow in the footsteps of the famous pokemon champion Cynthia, but after his 4th gym badge realised that he was not happy, and thus his pokemon didn’t seem all that happy with the way their journey was going, so after a call to his parents, Hogan set off to faraway lands (Sinnoh and Hoenn) to compete in Pokemon Contests, after a few failed attempts, he found his rhythm and took the contest world by storm, most noted for his rare pokemon (those native to the Unova region anyway) and while on his journeys borded the SS Anne for a bit of down time, and to reward his pokemon for all their hard work...
Pokémon (Max 3)

Nickname: Chieftain
Level: 40
Gender: Male
Keen eye
Moveset: Leer, Sky drop (bonus TM move), Slash, Areial Ace, Wing Attack, Hone Claws
Personality: a chirpy little thing, can be too eager for battle at times and a definite show off
Short Bio: Hogan’s first pokemon, and the one thats been with him the longest, it spends all its time when its not in his pokeball on Hogans head, and with its good eye sight, is always a good early warning if any threats or problems approach, this little Rufflet trusts Hogan with its life as it has spent all of its life with the trainer come co-ordinator

Species: Litwick
Nickname: Nudge
Level: 30
Gender: female
Flame Body
Moveset: Flame Burst, Hex, Smog, Confuse Ray, Heat Wave (egg move)
Personality: Mostly shy, prefers to stay in its pokeball, but when its out and not performing, always hides partly behind Hogan’s left leg
Short Bio: The most recent of Hogan’s pokemon, litwick was found abandoned near where he boarded the SS anne, Due to being abandoned by its previous trainer, Nudge does not trust Hogan and when she has been called to do battle – she rarely obeys him; and if Hogan tries to challange this, is often rewarded with a weak Flame Burst or hex attack to the face, and thus its shyness....

Nickname: Surf
Level: 35
Gender: Male
Torrent (Hidden ability)
Moveset: Scratch, Leer, Scald, Bite, Accrobatics, Water gun, Aqua Tail (egg move)
Personality: Chilled out and overly relaxed – slightly slow to get in to the battling/performing mood
Short Bio: not much can be said for Surf, he met Hogan when he was a panpour, and just followed him until Hogan caught him, after training Surf up so he could use more powerful moves he gifted the pokemon with a water stone, giving him the choice about evolving or not, the water monkey chose to evolve.

Gender: Male
Level: 32
Ability: Wonder Skin
Moveset: Tackle, Confusion, Gust, Sleep Powder, Supersonic.

Hope thats ok like, Need to C/P the image link and get rid of the spaces as i cant post links
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